Instructions for registering GD10 MobiFone for free voice calls

The GD10 MobiFone package is a package exclusively for those who need to make a lot of voice calls to communicate with partners, business people and traders, for example. Packages have a preferential price to use within 1 month without worrying about being charged too expensive fees. In addition to voice calling incentives, the GD10 MobiFone package also gives users some other attractive incentives. If you need to find an attractive package for calling needs, you can register for GD10 MobiFone.

Instructions for registering GD10 MobiFone

To register GD10 MobiFone, we text DK GD10 to 999.

Pack of data priced at 10,000 VND for a single registration and use used for 30 days since the successful registration of the package. Currently, the package only applies to prepaid Mobifone subscribers who are on the list of invitations to join the package from the network operator. We can also actively check if we are on the list of objects registered for the package by writing KT DSKM and sending it to 999.

After successful registration, you will receive benefits including:

  • Receive 100 minutes of on-net calls MobiFone.
  • Receive 100 messages on MobiFone network
  • Listening to outside network increases on-net calls, listening to X seconds of domestic long-distance calls last month will be added with X seconds of voice calls for domestic use.
  • Bibabibo(mBaby) service offer: Free 6 package cycles of mBaby service after successful registration.

The MobiFone GD10 package has an auto-renewal feature, the remaining incentives are not reserved when the new cycle comes. When the incentive is used up, the fee incurred will be calculated according to current regulations.

To check the offer yourself, write KT ALL and send it to 999. Cancel the package, compose a message HUY GD to 999. Cancel the renewal of the package and compose a message KGH to 999.


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