Instructions for saving videos after screen recording with Open Broadcast

Instructions for saving videos after screen recording with Open Broadcast

You can stream live video back to live video with only one tool, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Help you save the moments can not be missed during video playback. The following article will guide you to save videos after shooting with OBS studio.

Open Broadcast Software is a tool to support you to stream videos, livestream to many different websites, support multiple platforms. Not only is it possible, OBS also allows you to record the currently playing video, your video will be saved after recording by downloading OBS studio again after recording the screen with excellent quality and sound for you. Can watch your live video again on another occasion.

HInstructions to save videos after recording with OBS studio

Step 1: Perform normal setup and streaming settings, you can watch how to play videos using OBS. When clicked Start Streaming to start streaming, and press at the same time Start Recording for OBS to start recording and save screen video when playing

Step 2: You can stream live but normally, while OBS will also save your live video. After recording, you can click Stop Streaming and Stop Recording to OBS to stop the live stream and save the screen video.

Step 3: To navigate to the folder containing the saved videos after recording with OBS studio. Click Settings.

Step 4: Switch to the Output tab, the path in the Recording Path box is the path to the video storage folder after recording with OBS studio

Step 5: Open the folder following that link, you will see saved video after recording with OBS studio there. You can copy to another folder to store or watch your own videos

Thus has guided you a complete way to save videos after recording with OBS studio. If you only need to save screen videos, CyberLink YouCam can help you record videos with sound very quality. In addition, users using Open Broadcast also live Stream Facebook anymore, if you do not know how, please refer to the live Facebook Live article that Taimienphi has instructed.

Many of you when installing Open Broadcaster often encounter some errors that make the installation process unsuccessful, if you fall into this case, refer to how to install Open Broadcaster that we have shared to see what step you are wrong and have The fix helps to install successfully.
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