Instructions for using and installing Karafun Player

To delight singing enthusiasts, you can download KaraFun Player to use to sing karaoke on the computer. This article will guide you how to use and install Karafun Player with basic steps, so you can sing karaoke at home in your spare time.

Singing karaoke at home with a computer if it was previously difficult. Currently, with the development of information technology, hundreds of applications to support karaoke on computers have been born, such as Karafun Player or walaoke …

Depending on your needs, as well as your preferences, download walaoke or Karafun Player, you can absolutely sing karaoke on your computer simply. Here we take a look at the article to know how to install and use karaoke software on the computer called Karafun Player, a free karaoke application that is popular with users today.

Instructions for installing and using Karafun Player

Install Karafun Player

Step 1:

First, to install Karafun Player, double click on the installation file. If no software you can Download Karafun Player about the machine

Step 2: After selecting the language to install the software you choose next to continue

Install and use the karafun player

Step 3: Choose “I accept the agreement” to agree to the terms and continue next

Install karafun player

Step 4: Select the software installation path and next

Set karafun player

Step 5: You can check “Create a desktop icon” to create software icon on the screen and next

Install and use the karafun player

Then choose “Install” to complete the steps to install Karafun Player

use karafun player

When the installation of Karafun Player is finished, you choose “Finish”

Install and use the karafun player

Use Karafun Player

After installing the software, you will see the following interface

Install and use the karafun player

On the left side of the software window you will see the main tasks such as File, Edit, Playback, Profile

Below will be a list of songs

– History: Save the history and the time you sing

– Playlists: List of songs

– Karafun Web: List of songs and genres compiled by Karafun

Note: these songs are mostly in demo form. If you want to use you need a premium account. In order to view these lyrics, your computer needs an internet connection so the software can automatically update the song library.

– My Computer: Here you can select the available karaoke songs on your computer, or create additional favorite playlist lists.

Install and use the karafun player

– On the right side of the software interface is the playlist you choose to sing and the screen with the lyrics. If you want to sing any song, you just need to click on the song

Install and use the karafun player

With instructions for installing and using karafun player, owning a mini karaoke room is no longer a difficult thing for you anymore. During use, sometimes there will be some minor errors with Karafun Player, such as Vietnamese display error, the Vietnamese error handling on Karafun Player It’s also very simple, so you don’t need to worry too much.
In addition, to be more active or can replace karaoke hat on the computer with your favorite songs, you should also refer to some supporting software. Create karaoke songs on computers like AV Video Karaoke Maker,


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