Instructions for using Mouse Skills, practice using computer mouse

Mouse Skills software is programmed exclusively for computer novice, even novice computer mouse users, with simple exercises as effective, hope users will soon become proficient. Mouse skills at the earliest opportunity.

In the article about how to use Mouse Skills, will help you and your children better understand Computer Mouse and some key operations of the Mouse. You and the children follow the details below.

Instructions for using Mouse Skills


When using a Computer Mouse, you can:

– Move the mouse: Hold and move the mouse on the plane.
– Click the mouse: Quickly press the left mouse button and release.
– Right click the mouse: Quickly press the right mouse button and release.
– Double click: Click the mouse button twice repeatedly.
– Drag and drop: Hold down the mouse, move the mouse to the target position and release the hand to finish the operation.


To practice using the mouse with the software Mouse Skills, you and the students, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Install and run the Mouse Skills software.

You and the children download and install the software Mouse Skills then run the software to use Mouse Skills.

Reference way Install Mouse Skills here

Step 2: You and the students can press any key to enter the main practice window.
Step 3: Practice mouse movements step by step (5 practice levels available). You and the children are typing N to switch to Levels (Level) next.

Use mouse skills

Step 4: Practice the mouse.

Mouse Skills have 5 Levels, Each Level works 10 times.

· Level 1: Practice moving the mouse.
· Level 2: Practice mouse clicks.
· Level 3: Practice double clicking.
· Level 4: Practice clicking the right mouse button.
· Level 5: Practice drag and drop.

Instruction interface:

– From Level 1 come Level 4: You and the children move the mouse to the square and then do: Click, Double click, Click the right mouse button.

Use mem mouse skills

Level 5: Drag and drop icons Word Document inside the window frame My Documents.

practicing computer mouse mouse skills

You and the children note:

– Exercises will get harder over time.
– The software will calculate the points for each exercise and finally will calculate the total number of points you achieved after completing the exercise.
– When finished training Level 5, the software will give a total score and evaluate the use of the mouse.

· Beginner: Begin
· Not bad: Fair enough
· Good: Good
· Expert: Very good.

– To practice again you and your child choose Try Again or choose Quit to exit the program.

Use mouse skills to practice computer skills
So has just guided you and the children How to use Mouse Skills. This is a fairly simple software and the instructions to use are also very simple. Through this article partly helps you and your children to improve, no longer surprised by manipulating mouse. Wishing you and your children success.


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