Instructions on how to configure the CCleaner update

CCleaner is a lightweight, effective system cleaning software that is loved by many computer users. CCleaner helps to improve the performance of computers and laptops by removing junk files, temporary files, removing browser data … quickly. If you are using this browser, configure CCleaner updates now to always update the latest features whenever CCleaner has a new version.

Can speak Ccleaner is a very effective computer cleaning and system optimization tool with very fast scanning process. The software also helps users discover other applications that are already installed on your computer. You can also remove software on your computer if you see the application, that software is not needed very easily right on CCleaner software itself. To ensure the software always has the latest optimization features from the manufacturer, the job Configure CCleaner update on computer is the important thing that you need to pay attention to.

Configure the CCleaner software update on the computer

How to configure update CCleaner

With the new version, Ccleaner has allowed users to configure CCleaner updates right on the computer when you are done installing CCleaner. You can configure the software to update important features or configure the product only.

To configure the CCleaner update on your computer, do the following:

Step 1: Open the application Ccleaner on the computer. If you do not have this software or are using an older version, click the link to download the latest software version below.

– Download Ccleaner

Step 2: At the software interface -> click on the item Options -> and then click Updates (update)

How to configure ccleaner update 2

Step 3: To configure CCleaner update -> you just need to tick the parts you feel necessary or the parts you see do not need to update then uncheck the box.

The screenshot below captures the details of the parts in the CCleaner update configuration section for you to visualize.

How to configure ccleaner update 3

Below is the information that explains the specific updates so you know how to choose the update configuration yourself Ccleaner Suitable on your computer, laptop.

1. Important updates (highly recommended)

This is an important update and it is recommended for you to select this option to help ensure CCleaner runs safely and stably on your computer.

Apply these updates automatically

You tick on this section, CCleaner will download and install any important updates without having to notify you. When you tick this box, you will avoid being bothered whenever an update will notify you again.

Notify me when an update has taken place

If you tick this option, CCleaner will actively send reminders when you open CCleaner whenever an update is available.

2. Product updates (Recommended)

This section allows users to update products, update the latest product improvements so that CCleaner always updates the new version to help cleaning, cleaning and optimizing the system better. This section has 2 options for users:

Perform these updates manually

If you tick this section, you make the manual updates to install and update new products.

Apply these updates manually

This section only applies to CCleaner Pro users. This is the feature to apply updates manually to users using the paid version of CCleaner. The current price of CCleaner copyright listed on its homepage is $ 19.95.
Just a few simple steps above that you can Configuration update CCleaner for my computer already. It’s simple, right! Update the new version successfully, you perform regular computer cleanup so your computer and laptop always run fast, smooth and stable offline!


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