Instructions on how to delete reviews on Facebook

Instructions on how to delete reviews on Facebook

Many of you have asked and submitted information to on how to delete reviews on Facebook? To answer this question, please follow the details in the article below.

Reviews, also known as ratings, votes, … are used in many places like Google maps, Google Play, Appstore, Facebook, shopping apps like Shopee, Tiki. The Facebook rating feature is a tool for users to evaluate the quality of products and services that your unit brings to customers when your business is on the Facebook fanpage.

Many Fanpage have used the ability to turn off the rating when the opponent played badly

Has delete been evaluated?

When you KOnce you have used this review feature on your site, you must accept reviews that are both good and bad, if any. This will be the most objective measure of the quality and service that your fanpage provides.

Therefore, you Failed to delete reviews bad or good on your fanpage, instead you are constantly improving the quality of your products or services to be more and more trusted by customers, or you can turn off features for customers to type. Price on Facebook fanpage only.

How to turn off rating on Facebook page

To Turn off the rating on the Facebook fanpage, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: You log into facebook and have your fanpage as an administrator.

Step 2: You continue to access your fanpage. Click the arrow as described below -> select Facebook fanpage.

How to delete contacts on facebook page 2

Step 3: Your fanpage interface appears -> you select the item Setting right side of the screen

How to delete contacts on Facebook 3

Step 4: You will see the new interface appear -> here, click on it Templates and tabs.

How to delete contacts on Facebook 4

You look to the right to see Templates and Tabs.

How to delete contacts on facebook page 5

Next, you drag the mouse down and find the item Evaluate -> then click on Setting

How to delete contacts on facebook page 6

Step 5: At the section Showing reviews -> drag your mouse to the right to Turn off Facebook fanpage review

How to delete contacts on facebook page 7

Finally, click Save to perform this shutdown.

How to delete contacts on facebook page 8

Doing so helps you turn off the feature Evaluate The fanpage was successful, and this feature will no longer show up on tabs.

If you want to reopen hay turn on the Rating feature This -> you also do the same as above to enter Templates and tabs -> then drag the mouse to the bottom -> click on Add a tab

How to delete contacts on facebook page 9

You choose Evaluate -> and then click Add a tab is done

How to delete contacts on facebook page 10

So you’ve just finished turning off this rating feature so that users will not see bad reviews from your fanpage, please repeat that you can not delete reviews on your Facebook page. However, this off, the reviews, good reviews for your Facebook fanpage will not appear, so you should pay attention to this.
Having a Facebook Fanpage will help you create a community of many members with the same interests, the same passion, or the same online business … However, there will be times when you get annoyed when the members. Bookmark pages, tag photos, videos scattered on your Fanpage. If encountering such situation, the solution block members from bookmarking Facebook Fanpage is the best way to solve this problem. Please follow the sharing that has written to block these unwanted members. Good luck!


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