Instructions on how to find friends and make friends on social networks VCNET

The function of searching and making friends on VCNET is not too much different from other popular social networks today, so users will not take too much time to learn and master how to use if bear. Difficult to refer to the instructions below.

VCNET social network is the official information channel of the Central Propaganda Department. Although operating in a short time, but has a large number of users. VCNET is an ideal playground for users to easily exchange information and connect with friends in the most convenient way.

Guide to find friends and make friends on VCNET

To help you easily search and Make friends on VCNET With those that you want correctly and quickly, Taimienphi will perform a simple guide through the article below.

1. Request Preparation
2. How To Find Friends And Make Friends On VCNET With Computers
3. How To Find Friends And Make Friends On VCNET By Phone

Guide to find friends and make friends on VCNET

1. Ask to prepare to find friends and make friends on VCNET

– VCNET social networking account. (If not, please find out how create a VCNET account here)
– The latest website browsing software if you use a computer.
– Download the Chrome browser here: Download Chrome
– Download the Firefox browser here: Download Firefox
– VCNET application latest version for Android phones or iPhones.
– Download VCNET for iPhone
– Download VCNET for Android

2. How to find friends and make friends on VCNET by computer

Step 1: Friend open browser and do Log in to VCNET .
Step 2: In the screen Home page , click on the toolbar Search at the top of the page and enter the account name you want to search. Press the button Enter on the keyboard to let the system begin screening the results.

connecting on internet

Step 3: You click on the card Citizen , then drag the screen down and Click on the account I want to make friends in the search results list;

connecting on internet

Step 4: Press the button Make friend at the bottom of the account avatar;

find your internet connection

3. How to find friends and make friends on VCNET by phone

The VCNET interface on Android and iPhone is relatively similar. Taimienphi will perform the manual operation on the VCNET interface on Android, iPhone users can refer and follow.

Step 1: Open the VCNET application on the phone.
Step 2: In the interface Home page, click on the item Search There is a magnifying glass icon on the phone.

connecting on internet

Step 3: Enter the name or nickname of the person you want to search in the toolbar;

how to find it on vcnet

Step 4: The system will display a list of results, here you click on the name of the account you want to make friends.

disconnect on vcnet

Step 5: On the account holder’s personal page, press the button Make friend ;

Your heart is on the internet

After pressing Make friend , the button will automatically switch to the status as Sent request. Making friends quickly or soon will depend on the time the opponent accepts your request.

connecting on internet
Thus, Taimienphi has finished showing you how to search and make friends on VCNET by computer and phone. Hopefully the article will help you find and make friends more quickly and effectively. Besides, you guys refer to the way Change VCNET password to change your account password, avoid bad guys take it.


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