Instructions on how to fix the case in Word 2016?

With the instructions below of, you can easily fix the errors in Word 2016 effectively. Word-space errors are common errors in Word, possibly due to the installation of Vietkey, Unikey or the word 2016 installation.

There is no shortage of user cases after installing Office 2016, installing Unikey, and then encountering word-spacing in Word due to Unikey and Word Options configuration errors.

Word spacing errors in Word 2016 occur for many reasons, among them the wrong Unikey configuration error after installing Unikey on the computer for the first time. The second scenario because Word Options automatically enables the alignment of word spacing, resulting in word spaces in Word 2016 when you are editing text.

Above is a picture of how to error words in Word 2016 due to configuration, wrong settings in Unikey and Word.

Correct errors in words and spaces in Word 2016, and fix errors in words in Word 2016

Method 1: Reconfigure Unikey to correct the case in Word 2016

This is a method only applied to users of Unicode encoding to correct case errors in Word 2016.

Step 1: Click the toolbox on the Windows Taskbar. Then right click on the icon Unikey > select Dashboard and also the center for handling all Unikey’s options and problems.

fix the error in word 2016

Step 2: In the delivery diUnikey, you click Extend to expand options for software.

error in word 2016

Continue to uncheck the option Always use clipboard for Unicode.

corrected error in word 2016

Click Closed Then start typing Vietnamese in Word 2016 to know how to correct the spelling errors in Word 2016, handle the word skipping error in Word 2016 successfully.

Word in 2016

Results after you correct the jumpy words, fix the case mistakes in Word 2016 by reconfiguring Unikey.

Method 2: Reconfigure Word Options to correct errors of jumping words and spaces in Word 2016

Step 1: Click File >Options of Word 2016

corrected error in word 2016

Step 2: Click on the item Advanced > off Use smart cut and paste > press OK, got it to fix word-spacing errors in Word, fix word spacing errors in Word 2016.

Word in 2016

Another way is to press the button Settings next to the button Use smart cut and paste.

corrected error in word 2016

Uncheck the item Adjust sentence and word spacing automatically in settings. This is because this is an option that automatically changes the spacing of words and sentences in Word 2016.

Word in 2016

Results after Correct typography In Word 2016, you have been able to overcome the error of jumping in Word 2016 successfully.

corrected error in word 2016

The popular Vietnamese Input toolkit Unikey and Vietkey are two of the necessary tools to be able to type Vietnamese on your computer, without these two tools, you will not be able to type Vietnamese in Word 2003 and 2007. , 2010, 2013 or 2016. But there is no shortage of cases where the font error is caused by the wrong Unikey or Vietkey configuration, sometimes the font error happens right after installing Unikey, which leads to the case of incorrect Vietnamese typing. accented or separated words in Word 2007, 2003, 2010, 2013 and 2016. For users of the old version of Word, you can refer to the tutorial on how to fix the case in Word 2003 introduced by earlier.

In general, the procedure for fixing typographic errors in Word 2016 is just that you need to understand the two basic causes of typographic errors. In particular, most causes are due to Unikey, so you need to update Unikey to the latest version and learn how to configure Unikey properly. A less common but also possible error is the font error, which often occurs when the user has not installed the set. Full font full for computers. On the contrary, to be able to type accented Vietnamese without error of fonts, most users are advised to install the full font.
I hope you can fix the case in Word 2016 successfully!


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