Instructions on how to install laravel, web programming support

Instructions on how to install laravel, web programming support

For those of you who are learning programming, Laravel can’t help but know how to install Laravel on your computer, run web applications smoothly and help you study and practice well.

Laravel is one of the open source PHP framework and is completely free, but installing Laravel is a bit difficult for people, especially for those who are just learning PHP programming. To help those who are learning about PHP study better, the tutorial below will help you with how to Install Laravel.

How to install Laravel on a computer learning PHP

Instructions for installing Laravel

To be able to install laravel on Xampp you need to have the following.

– Software for creating a virtual server environment for the WampServer computer, download WampServer here.
– PHP Composer library management tool, download Composer here.

Step 1: First we need to install WampServer on the computer first, download the above file and then click open OK, got it to continue the installation.

How to set up laravel 2

Step 2: The next step we agree with the terms in installing Laravel and click next.

How to set up laravel 3

Continue to choose next, here only talk about information of WampServer software only.

How to set up laravel 4

Step 3: Select the location of WampServer, depending on your preferences and goals, but choose the appropriate folder.

How to set up laravel 5

Step 4: Finally, press Install to install WampServer.

How to set up laravel 6

Note in the WampServer installer will ask you if you want Use any browser as the default, if not selected, will be IE.

How to set up laravel 7

Step 5: Next choose next next after a process of waiting to install this software and after this step we have finished installing WampServer.

How to set up laravel 8

Step 6: Now we switch to Composer installation by opening the downloaded file, selecting next. This is important if you want to install Laravel.

How to set up laravel 9

Step 7: Click on it Browse to proceed with selecting PHP path for Composer.

How to set up laravel 10

Step 8: Here you lead to the path containing the PHP file, which is the WampServer that we installed above. You can also follow this link: Wamp64> bin> PHP> select PHP version> php.exe and select this file.

How to set up laravel 11

Then this longer job is next to the end.

How to set up laravel 12

Step 9: Until the word appears Install We just need to click on Install to install Composer.

How to set up laravel 13

Step 10: After installing Composer, this tool will show you how to activate Composer, just press next and follow our glossary.

How to set up laravel 14

Step 11: Press finish to finish installing Composer, then activate Composer.

How to set up laravel 15

Step 12: First we hit Windows + R then type CMD go there.

How to set up laravel 16

Step 13: Get the black Command Prompt screen, leave it like that and close all the program repair.

how to set up laravel 17

Step 14: Open StartMenu Click Lock to log out of the account or restart the computer also.

How to set up laravel 18

Step 15: Then you log back into your computer, go to the folder of Wamp64.

How to set up laravel 19

Step 16: Hold Shift then click Right-click a space > select Open Powershell Windows here.

How to set up laravel 20

Step 17: Inside is the Powershell interface, you type Composer create-project –prefer-dist Laravel / Laravel ên> (Here is Taimienphivn).

How to set up laravel 21

Step 18: Then open the program WampServer and then open the default registered web browser and type localhost // public /ên>

How to set up laravel 22

If the result shown below means that the installation of Laravel has been completed, congratulations.

How to set up laravel 23

Above is a guide on how to install Laravel, through which you see it is not difficult to install Laravel. Basically, there are many ways to install Laravel and in this article we use Xampp to install. This open source software is very good and using Xampp is also the preferred option you should do.
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