Instructions on how to search in Excel

Working with Excel, you will sometimes discover that you have made a mistake in a spreadsheet (such as misspellings, wrong data …) or you need to search in Excel or replace a word or phrase Specific words for another word. The following article will guide how to search in Excel to help you better understand this Excel trick. Please follow along.

Search and replace is a feature found in almost all text-related software, not just Word, Excel, Powerpoint … Usually the search and replace feature in Microsoft are the same and the same export displayed on the same window. However, the search function in Excel is slightly different in Word where you use the keyboard shortcut (in Word is Ctrl + H Excel is Ctrl + F).

Instructions on how to search in Excel

The following article I will guide in detail how to search in Excel so you can search for information more effectively.


Suppose you have data like the image below and you want to search for students with a Total Score of 20, so your search keyword is “20”

How to search in excel 2

To search in Excel, you can perform a Basic search or an Advanced search in Excel.

1. Basic search in Excel

Step 1: You go to the tab Home -> at the bottom of the right side toolbar will see the section Editing -> select the magnifying glass icon Find & Select ->then select Find (or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F)

How to find and search results in Excel 3

Step 2: Window Find and Replace appears -> you enter keywords Find what -> then click Find Next to search for each word.

How to find and search data in Excel 4

Or choose Find All, immediately Excel will give you a list of locations of the keywords found:

How to find and search results in Excel 5

2. Advanced search in Excel

In addition to searching by keyword, Excel also allows you to search by different types of cell formats and data types.

Simple example like with search with format for example. To search, do the following:

Step 1: In the interface Find and Replace -> click on Options to expand the search function further.

How to find and search results in Excel 6

Step 2: Then you choose Format to open the search window in Find Format

How to find and search results in Excel 7

In this window pane, there are many options to find the format for you, the most common are Font (font format), Border (cell format) and Fill (format for cell background) -> you click choose OK, got it after the selection is complete.

How to find and search data in Excel 8

Step 3: Finally, you can do the same search as you would in the basic search:

How to find and search results in Excel 9

You see, How to search in Excel Very simple, right! This search helps you quickly find errors that you can fix immediately and very promptly. Also, if you are looking for Excel self-study material, please refer to the top page sharing Excel learning web, prestigious Excel teaching center for self-study. Good luck!
Switching between Word and Excel is always an urgent need for many Microsoft Office users, please refer to how to Convert Word files to Excel on to better understand this tip.


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