Instructions on how to update iTunes, get the latest iTunes for computers and laptops

Instructions on how to update iTunes, get the latest iTunes for computers and laptops

How to update iTunes, get the latest iTunes for computers, laptops to help you manage and sync music, photos, videos on devices, the following article will help you Update iTunes, download new iTunes Best for computers, laptops quickly and simply.

In every aspect of our life, when we want to keep up to date with the latest and greatest information in the field of technology, this factor becomes even more important. iTunes is a free application that supports Apple technology devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod to help users perform music copying to iPhone, copying images, audio from computers or copying. save data for devices, especially for copying music to the iPhone of young people now. Like other software, iTunes is regularly upgraded and released updated versions. Below is a guide to download and upgrade the latest version of iTunes for computers, laptops, please follow along

How to update iTunes, get the latest iTunes for computers and laptops

Table of Contents:
1. Instructions on how to download.
2. Instructions on how to update.

1. Download the latest iTunes for computers and laptops

If your computer does not have the iTunes application installed, you can download the latest version of iTunes here

Download iTunes 12.6.2 32bit
Download iTunes 12.6.2 64bit

On the page will display a list of iTunes versions from the latest to the previous versions. You can choose a version that suits your computer operating system (64 bit or 32 bit). Note: you should check your operating system before downloading the application to avoid downloading incompatible versions, resulting in re-manipulation like that will be very time consuming.

The download is very simple, you just need to click the download button, the browser will display the link, you just need to click on the link to download and install it on your computer’s operating system. In order to download faster, you should download IDM (Internet Download Manager) to use, this is a software that supports high-speed download, when downloading IDM, you will have 30 days of free use of all features, but that is enough to help you download a large number of large files to your computer already.

2. Instructions for updating the latest iTunes to computers and laptops

If your computer has the iTunes application installed and you want to upgrade to the latest version. The first thing we should do is to check the current version of iTunes we are using. This helps us know which version we are using and whether or not to update iTunes again. To do this you follow the steps as follows:

Step 1: You open up iTunes, on the interface of the application you click on the item Help (Help) and select Check for updates (Check for Updates)

update itunes

Step 2: After clicking Check for updates now there will be 2 cases that are:

– One is that the iTunes you are using is the latest version at this time will display the bulletin board: “This version of iTunes is the current version”. This way you will not have to update.

how to update itunes

– Where case 2 will appear notice of the latest version of iTunes and will ask if you want to update or not? You press the button Download iTunes to start the update process and perform the next step

  download itunes

Step 3: After pressing Download iTunes a window will appear Apple Software Update, you Click Install to proceed with the upgrade

guide to update itunes

Step 4: The update process will take place over a period of time, fast or slow depending on your computer’s configuration. The computer will require a reboot when working update iTunes Complete, however you can choose Yes to reboot now or select No to reject and use iTunes directly.

guide to update itunes on computer

Note, after the update is completed, your iTunes application will default to the English language. To switch to Vietnamese, on the iTunes interface, click the menu Edit and choose Preferenes (or press the key combination Ctrl + “,”).

Guide to update itunes on your laptop

The installation window displays, navigate to the item Language and choose to switch to the Vietnamese language.

update itunes

By the article you already know how update iTunes, and download the latest version of iTunes for your computer, laptop, right? With just a few simple steps, you immediately have the current version of iTunes. Hope the article has brought you many useful values. Good luck.
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