Instructions to backup and restore SQL Server

When working with the database, we need to periodically back up the data from the database to ensure integrity when administering the system data. Backing up the database on SQL server is very simple, so you should perform this job periodically. Taimienphi will guide you to backup and restore SQL 2008 in the fastest way.

SQL Server is a database management system used very popular in the world, compatible with most high-level programming languages. The SQL system will be built, stored information in the form of tables, high-level data management with many features. SQL Server is now much more complete, allowing access to data according to the client model.

Because it is a data management system, backing up and restoring data is very important in the management process. The data backup needs to be done periodically . Users can back up directly on the interface of SQL data management system or also use the command line. Taimienphi will guide you to manipulate backup and restore SQL 2008 quickly

Full Backup

As the name implies, this is a full backup process, performed with all objects on the database. To perform the full backup process, you do the following:

Step 1: Select the database (database) to be backed up, the database will include many objects and attributes

guide to save and restore 2008 sql quickly

Step 2: Right-click on the database to be backed up, select Task , choose Backup

guide to save and restore 2008 sql quickly 3

Step 3: In the section Source , you should check the database to be backed up, select Backup in the section Full

In the section Backup Set , you name the Backup file in the section Name , item Backup set will expire You keep the default value is 0

Below will be the path to the backup folder, you can customize or leave the default

guide the quick and easy way of sql 2008 4

Step 4: Click Choose Option to set options for backup file

Choose Overwrite All existing backup sets to overwrite backup files, meaning only keep the latest backup file.

Tick ​​selected Verify backup when finished to ensure file backup is valid and intact

After installation is complete, press Ok, got it to complete

How to save and recover 2008 SQL Server Quickly 5

Step 5: Wait for the backup process to take place until the notification succeeds

How to save and restore 2008 SQL Server Quickly 6

Backup by command

Step 1: Open the command typing interface by clicking the item New Query

guide how to save and recover sql 2008 quickly 7

Step 2: Type the command line


TO DISK = ‘C: [TênFileBackup].BAK ‘


guide how to save and recover sql 2008 quickly 8

Database will be automatically backed up.

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Thus, you can actively backup your data on SQL quickly. You also need to consult how to fix errors Failed to start Apache XAMPP to be more convenient in your system programming job


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