Instructions to change the Wifi password Tenda AC6

Instructions to change the Wifi password Tenda AC6

In today’s tutorial article, will introduce you in detail how to install and change wifi tenda AC6 password – this is a dual-band model AC1200 Wi-Fi Router supporting smart energy-saving technology. , remote administration, with low power consumption and eco-friendly.

Tenda AC6 is an AC1200 standard dual band WiFi router that broadcasts Wifi signals. According to the manufacturer, it supports 5th generation Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac and speeds of 2 bands can be up to 1167Mbps. With AC6 also known for its ability to penetrate walls, amplify waves with beamforming technology and the 5dBi 4x HG antenna has strong coverage.

Tenda AC6 WiFi uses dual band AC1200 standard

How to set and change wifi tenda AC6 password

To setup, change the Tenda AC6 wifi password first and then configure the Tenda AC6 device, follow these steps:

Step 1: You need to plug in the power for the Router -> Then use the network cable to connect the Internet to the device. You attach to the WAN port (green) on Tenda AC6 to connect.

User guide tenda ac6 2

Observe that the WAN lights are on, which means you have successfully connected.

User guide tenda ac6 3

Step 2: Use Laptop to connect to Wifi Tenda AC6, this time the Modem will have a Wifi network named Tenda_F6C600 and no password yet.

User guide tenda ac6 4

Step 3: Open the web browser -> you enter the default address and then press Enter to access.

User guide tenda ac6 5

You press the button Start to begin

User guide tenda ac6 6

Step 4: Select the connection mechanism. Show mechanism Dynamic IP Address used is common -> so you choose Dynamic IP Address -> Click next to continue

User guide tenda ac6 7

Then do:

1. Select mode is Transmit Power: High

2. Name the Wi-Fi

3. Set Wi-Fi password

4. Check the box Set the WiFi password as the login password of the admin account If you want the same login password and Wifi password.

5. Set login password for configuration site.

User guide tenda ac6 8

Step 5: Installation is successful, you can connect with the new Wifi name

User guide tenda ac6 9

You go to the wifi connection to find Wifi with the name you’ve just given -> you make the connection as usual.

User guide tenda ac6 10

Step 6: Perform the Tenda configuration web site again -> then enter the web login password you just reset above.

User guide tenda ac6 11

You will see the interface Internet Status showing successful connection status, you can see the number of people connected.

User guide tenda ac6 12

You can go to the item Wifi Setting to adjust wifi and wifi password if you want. At the same time you can also set other customizations such as: Wifi Name & Password, Wifi Schedule, Wireless Repeating, Channel & Bandwidth …

User guide tenda ac6 13

For example you choose Wifi Name & Password (wifi name and password) -> interface after selecting will look like the image below:

User guide tenda ac6 14

Here, section 2.4 GHz Network -> you can name Wifi, choose a security mode and enter a password to log in.

User guide tenda ac6 15

Part 5 GHz Network: The default is off, with 5GHz network, the network will be stable and speed will be better, but this network also limits the device that can receive signals.
To set up, Click on the mouse as described in the image below will display the information for you to customize like on the section 2.4 GHz Network

User guide tenda ac6 16

After setup is complete, click Save to save is done.

User guide tenda ac6 17
Above is the post Tenda AC6 installation instructions with quite simple steps to help you quickly configure AC6 AC1200 Dual-band Wi-Fi Router. It can be said that, with AC6, the installation interface is very intuitive, easy to perform and you can quickly connect and access the Internet easily.


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