Instructions to change WiFi password, change WiFi password on the phone

How to change the wifi password of your phone is a simple and easy trick, without using the laptop. If you are trying to change the wifi password on your phone but do not know how to refer to the following article is essential.

You often feel that your family’s internet connection is slow and you suspect that someone has unauthorized access, even if you have reset your wifi password. There are many different causes for this situation, probably because other people have used inSSIDer to detect your wifi password. Software inSSIDer help people around you can find wifi, even detect your password if it’s too simple. Therefore, sometimes you see your home line slows down, jerking lag.

If your family uses a WiFi Router, at times like these you need to know immediately how to change WiFi password to immediately disconnect the “strange” users. However, the procedure to change the wifi password Tplink requires you to have a computer to operate. So if you do not have a computer, what to do? Do not worry, because the following article we will guide you to solve this problem quickly by changing the WiFi password on the phone, a smartphone device that most people now equip themselves. . Please follow along.

To pouri mPassword WiFi on the govoice

Download Chrome for Android: Download Chrome for Android

Download Chrome for iPhone: Download Chrome for iPhone

Step 1: To change the WiFi password on the phone, advance on the phone interface, select and launch the Chrome application.

Step 2: Access the address

Enter password:


Then press Login.

How to change wifi password on your phone

Step 3: In the modem interface, if you encounter this step, select Advanced to move to the main interface.

guide wifi password on your phone

Step 4: Here you choose Wireless —>Security to enter the WiFi password change section.

wifi password protection on your phone

Step 5: Attention section Security Key, click and enter your new password. Finally press Save to save the password.

guide to wifi on your smartphone

After changing the WiFi password on the phone, it will take a few minutes for the modem to reset the configuration and update the new password. Soon you can enter the password and continue using normal WiFi. In addition, poor internet connection is not necessarily due to other users using WiFi theft. You can refer to the common WiFi errors and how to fix them, memorize all the common WiFi errors and know how to fix it, you will no longer be confused by the WiFi error.

In addition, if you still feel uncomfortable with your home internet signal, readers can detect and block wifi users in the temple as well as disconnect the device via the tutorial. block wifi users which we have previously shared to handle this issue more aggressively and thoroughly.

If you are a fan of League of Legends game, then surely you will have an account on Garena, right? Like your wifi modem login account, you should also change your Garena password at a certain time to ensure secure his account and change garena password is also a way to help you not to forget this account password.

If you are using VNPT network and have WiFi installed, then it is best change VNPT wifi password periodically 3-6 months / time as well as combined with some security measures to avoid bad guys from breaking into the network of your company or family.


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