Instructions to check the computer configuration with Everest Ultimate Edition

Through checking the computer configuration with Everest Ultimate Edition, users can easily compare the installed hardware is genuine, as committed or not, and this is also a simple way for you to check. temperature of some parts of the computer when operating.

Everest Ultimate Edition is a comprehensive software that helps users check the configuration of the computer simply and conveniently without having to remove it to watch directly. Although it has been very successful with the Everest version, but the publisher of FinalWire is still not satisfied. Recently it has launched, the upgraded version of Everest with the new name AIDA64 with many updates, new and smarter features.

Instructions to check the computer configuration

So what’s new in AIDA64 compared to its predecessor Everest Ultimate Edition? Let’s install and install Taimienphi Check the computer configuration by AIDA64 to compare offline!

Instructions to check the computer configuration with AIDA64

First of all, users download and install AIDA64 software to check computer configuration. If not, you can immediately download the latest version of AIDA64 in the following link:

– Download the AIDA64 software here: Download AIDA64

If there is no high demand and are satisfied with the features of the old version, you can also download Everest Ultimate Edition here:

– Download the Everest Ultimate Edition software here: Download Everest Ultimate Edition

The interface of Everest Ultimate Edition and AIDA64 are relatively similar. Taimienphi will perform the operation Check the computer configuration by AIDA64, with Everest Ultimate Edition users also see and follow the same.

After installation is complete, you open the software on the device. The main working screen of AIDA64 will have the interface as shown below.

guide to the computer everest ultimate edition 2 edition

The interface of the software is relatively simple, to the right of the details box. On the left, there are categories for configuration on the device, including:

Computer : Overview information about computers;

Motherboard : Information about motherboard, CPU, Chipset, RAM, Bios;

Operating System: Information about the operating system on the computer;

Display: Information about graphics, display screen;

Multimedia: Information about audio hardware;

Storage: Information about the status, type of connection, type of hard drive in use;

Network: Information about connection types;

Devices: Information about the driver installed on the computer.

By clicking on each part, you can Check the computer configuration More detailed and more specific.

Check general information about the computer

To check hardware overview information on the device. Right-click on the item Computer In the left category column, select Summary .

guide to the computer everest ultimate edition 3 edition

Check details of the version in use

Users want to see detailed information about the version of Windows installed on the device, click the category Operating System , then select continue Operating System in the new menu.

guide to the computer everest ultimate edition 4 edition

Check graphics card information on device

If you want to see information about graphics card or screen resolution, click on the category display . Choose Windows Video to check graphic information. Choose Monitor to check the index of the computer screen.

guide to the everest ultimate edition edition edition laptop everest ultimate 5

Check temperature and fan speed during operation

To check the computer’s temperature and fan speed right now, click on the item Computer , choose Sensor.

guide to the computer everest ultimate edition 6 edition

Besides viewing information about the hardware on the device, AIDA64 also provides intelligent tools for you to measure the current performance of some hardware. So you can accurately evaluate and replace, repair promptly.

You open the item Tools on the menu bar at the top of the working window and see some of the following tools:

Disk Benchmark: Run a hard drive test;

Cache And Memory Benchmark: Running CPU, RAM tests;

GPGPU Benchmark: Run GPU tests;

Monitor Diagnostics: Run a screen check;

System Stability Test: Run CPU, GPU, DISK … test etc … Check fan speed;

AIDA64 CPUID : Run CPU parameter test;

guide to the computer everest ultimate edition 7 edition
Through the AIDA64 tool that Taimienphi has just introduced, users can completely check their computer configuration quickly without having to remove the device. Because currently the software does not have Vietnamese language so it will cause difficulties for some novice users. If you encounter problems during the computer configuration check, do not hesitate to leave a comment below the article for Taimienphi to answer! In addition, you can also refer to the way View computer configuration with CPU Z here.


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