Instructions to connect a wireless bluetooth mouse to a laptop, Macbook

New to Bluetooth wireless mouse and are you looking to connect to a Laptop or Macbook? In this article, we will share to you tips for connecting a bluetooth wireless mouse to a laptop, Macbook is very simple and easy to implement.

As you probably know, wireless computer mice are one of the most commonly used devices today instead of traditional computer mice (wired mice). The use of a wireless mouse is very handy, when used you can easily carry or move, can be used for remote control when you present reports …

Instructions to connect a Bluetooth mouse to a Laptop, Macbook

Currently a wireless mouse usually has 2 ways you can connect to a computer or a Macbook. The first way is that you connect via Bluetooth, the second way is to connect via the Unifying signal receiver.

Today, due to the diverse needs of users, manufacturers have produced a variety of wireless mice with a variety of functions and uses, so there will be integrated wireless mice connected. both of the ways we mentioned above.

For you to know the actions to be able to connect a Bluetooth wireless mouse to a Laptop or a Macbook, refer to the instructions we introduced right below.

How to connect a wireless bluetooth mouse to a laptop, Macbook

1. Instructions to connect the wireless mouse to the Laptop by bluetooth

Step 1: First, if you have just purchased a mouse, you must open the battery cover, then you check the battery cover to use. Next, you press the Bluetooth button usually at the bottom of the mouse or above the mouse depending on the line of the computer mouse.

Note that you have to press and hold to turn on the Bluetooth light. If you have hit the case and then the computer still does not recognize, you must press and hold again.

guide to connect wirelessly with bluetooth macbook 2 laptop

Step 2: After pressing the Bluetooth connection button, you go to Bluetooth Settings of the computer using the shortcut Windows + Q and enter and Bluetooth keyword to search and select Bluetooth and other devices settings.

How to connect to wireless bluetooth with macbook laptop 3

Step 3: Windows will move you to the new setup window -> click on it Add bluetooth or other device (i.e. you add Bluetooth and other devices).

guide to connect wirelessly with bluetooth macbook laptop 4

You continue to choose Bluetooth (Mice, keyboards, pens, or audio and other kinds of Bluetooth devices) to add Bluetooth devices.

How to connect to wireless bluetooth with macbook laptop 5

Wait a moment for the computer to find the Bluetooth device and select the correct mouse device. For example, your mouse is a mouse M590 I will choose this Blueooth device.

How to connect to wireless bluetooth with macbook laptop 6

After you choose the device, you continue to wait a bit longer. When the connection is successful, the computer will notify Your devices is ready to go! -> now your wireless mouse has successfully connected to the Laptop and immediately when you drag the mouse will see the mouse cursor moving on the screen.

guide to connect wirelessly with bluetooth macbook 7 laptop

2. How to connect a wireless mouse to a laptop via USB Unifying Receiver

This is a simple and quite popular connection today. To use it, you need to plug the USB Unifying Receiver into the computer, you also need to wait a bit for the computer to receive the device (your computer may install additional drivers). When the computer recognizes the wireless mouse device successfully, you should be able to use the mouse already.

You should also note that when using a wireless mouse using a USB Unifying Receiver, you should always plug this into the computer (not unplugged), or if you do, you need to plug right into the mouse slot (usually located in under or on the edge of the mouse) to avoid loss or loss. If you accidentally lose this USB Unifying Receiver, your wireless mouse will be useless, unusable.

How to connect to bluetooth without macbook laptop 8

With this USB Unifying Department, you can plug in any USB port of the Laptop, you can use:

guide to connect wirelessly with bluetooth macbook 9 laptop

With Macbook computer, iMAC, then connect the wireless mouse to do the same. You press the keyboard shortcut Command + Space, enter the Bluetooth keyword and select Bluetooth, then establish a Bluetooth connection with MAC OS to be successful.

So I just introduced and guided you How to connect a Bluetooth wireless mouse to a Laptop, Macbook. Each line of wireless mouse is different, the layout of the Bluetooth button will be different, you should carefully review your mouse and see the accompanying user guide to know how to use that mouse.

Next is the Bluetooth connection to a laptop or a Macbook computer, you review the steps that we have just introduced above to perform is. If you have a Bluetooth headset but can’t connect to a computer or laptop, please refer to the tutorial Connect the Bluetooth headset to the computer here.
If your computer unfortunately encounters not found Bluetooth, refer to how Fix error of not finding Bluetooth connection on computers and laptops that has shared to fix and handle. Good luck!


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