Instructions to continue downloading and resume in IDM

After stopping the download, many users do not know how to continue downloading, or Resume with IDM. This article will show you the cause and how you can do it.

There is no denying the influence of IDM in today’s Internet age. How many competing tools have appeared, but all of them are ranked below and cannot be compared to IDM. One of the interesting features of IDM must include the ability to resume downloading, or resume. However, not everyone knows how to use this feature properly.

How to continue downloading, Resume with IDM

Download and install the latest version of IDM

First, if you want to continue downloading, Resume with IDM, you must observe the status of Resume capability first. If Yes then you can resume. If NO then when Resume will get an error.

To resume a file, just right-click on it and select Resume Download.

  resume with idm

In addition, in the case of network failure, when Resume with IDM, the file also encounters an error because the IP address has changed. Most often when you download on sites like 4share, tenlua, fshare …

continue downloading idm
So just introduced you how to continue downloading, Resume with IDM. Through this article you will know which files can be paused and which files are not, besides that, you will also know how to resume with IDM in just 5 seconds. In addition we also guide how Add file format to download with IDM. If you are interested, please drop by for reference.


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