Instructions to create a signature file WinRAR

You are wondering how people can create a signature of WinRAR file to make notes and annotations in the compressed WinRAR file? And you are about to “give up” because forever struggling to know how to annotate, create a WinRAR signature? It will be very simple if you follow the instructions of in the article below.

With WinRAR then this is one of the famous compression and decompression software and many users choose to use compared to WinZip or 7-Zip. Using this application in addition to using many basic useful features to help you compress and decompress data files quickly, you can Create a WinRAR file signature to annotate to compressed file.

Using WinRAR you can create signatures and notes for compressed files

How to create a signature file WinRAR

Follow the steps below to create a WinRAR file signature:

Step 1: First you need to install WinRAR on computers and laptops. After installation, the software will integrate into the right-click menu for you to use.

Step 2: Right-click the folder to compress and select Add compressed file … (Add to archive …)

Guide to create Windows file 2

Step 3: Window Name and compression file parameters (Archive name and parameters) appears, switch to the tab Note (Comment) then Sign, note to section Enter a note manually (Enter a comment manually).

How to create a WinRAR file 3

Step 4: You switch to the tab generality (General) -> click on the item Compression method (Compression method), then select the compression method Good (Best). Finally, you hit OK, got it to complete the signing process, making notes in the archive.

How to create a WinRAR file 4

Step 5: The process of file compression is performed and whether the compression is long or fast will depend on the size of the file. When finished, if you double-click the compressed file, you will see information showing the signature and comment as shown below.

guide to create winrar file 5

The above guide has just helped you know how Create a WinRAR file signature or notes, comments in WinRAR succeed! The operation for you to perform is also simple, right?
In addition, with Word, the annotations are often used in Header and Footer. So what about in Excel? Is it the same with Word or Winrar? To see more, see right away Create captions in has shared to better understand offline! Good luck.


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