Instructions to create and insert beautiful Blog backgrounds

Instructions to create and insert beautiful Blog backgrounds

To change the background for your Blog, there are many ways such as searching online for templates for your Blog, then installing and changing as instructed. But if you want to take a picture of yourself or your loved ones and then put it in the background of your blog, the available templates will not do this.

With the template backgrounds available in Blog is too boring, you want to change the unique Background for your Blog. Follow the article below of to know how to do it.

Guide to creating wallpapers for Blog

Step 1: You go online to find a satisfactory image and then download it to your computer or you can choose your photos. Then log into the Blog with your UserName and Password to post a new post. Insert the image you have selected from the calculator into this new post.

Select to HTML tag and then Copy the path of the image (Starting from http: // …. jpg or .png)

Create a wallpaper for your blog

Step 2: Close this post (There is no need to publish, because the above step we just get the address of your photo). Then Click “Form

Step 3: Click on “Edit HTML

Step 4: Here you press the key combination Ctrl + F to search for keywords “URL”(Not case sensitive).

Replace all of the following URLs of URLs (……….) With the code you copied above

Step 5: After you’ve replaced, choose “Save the template

To see the results you post a new post and then enjoy the results you have made.
With the above tips to create a background for Blog, you can change the unique and fancy Background for your Blog. Thanks to that Blog has its own stamp and it is hard to find anywhere.


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