Instructions to create check in Facebook fanpage

If you are an admin for a certain Fanpage, you cannot ignore the Facebook fanpage check-in feature. You can take advantage of this feature to promote your Page as well as your brand very effectively. Follow the following article to be instructed to create check-in of your Facebook fanpage in a very simple way!

You must be familiar with the Facebook check-in feature. This feature is very interesting that allows people to know where you are, play in any place, thereby increasing the amount of interaction as well as making your Facebook more interesting. The check-in facebook for personal accounts is very simple, but creating a check in the Facebook fanpage is not so simple, follow this article to know how to create a check-in for the page on Facebook.

Create check in Facebook fanpage on phones and computers


To be able to create check in pages on Facebook, you must log into your Facebook account and fanpage on mobile devices (should use devices with Android or iOS operating system to have full features)

Download Facebook for Android here: Download Facebook
Download Facebook for iOS here: Download Facebook for iOS

Step 1: At the Fanpage you are managing, touch the line Published state Then select the item Check in.

Step 2: If the GPS (global positioning system) on your device is turned on, the application will automatically receive prominent locations near you. You can choose an available location from the list. If the location you need to check in for the page is not in the list of available Facebook, you can create your own Facebook fanpage check by Type the name of the place to check in into the search box and select More…

Step 3: Select the type and location of your check-in, be it a company, restaurant or a play area … Then choose Right now, I’m here if you are in a position to check in and turn on GPS or choose Hanoi (showing by each region you choose) to create remote fanpage fb check in.

Step 4: Enter the address, province, zip code of the location you need to check in and select Create. Then you can post status, status line with the location you just created check in facebook fanpage okay.

Step 5: The application will ask you When will it be posted?. You can post now by selecting the button To post or Schedule posting at another time by touching the notification panel When will it be posted? .After scheduling is complete, you can select Done to complete the creation of check in for the page on Facebook.

In addition to creating check in fanpage fb on your phone, you can also create check in for pages on Facebook via computer with a simple way as instructed below.


Step 1: Log into the administrator account to create your fanpage fb check in the browser.

Step 2: In the left column, select Introduce to add the necessary contact information for your page before creating a check in Facebook fanpage.

Step 3: Choose Edit page information to update your address, phone number, …

Step 4: Enter the exact address of the page you want to book and the next province is the contact phone number. Pull down select Save to complete updating contact information for your fanpage. The information entered in this step will be the page display information after you create your fanpage fb check in.

Step 5: Please give your page a 5 star rating with some positive comments. This will help Facebook prioritize creating check in your Facebook fanpage earlier.

After creating the Facebook fanpage check in, it will take a short time for Facebook to approve your check-in location, if you’re lucky, your location will be approved and you can check in right away.

So you have finished creating check in Facebook fanpage, helping you to enrich in terms of content thereby increasing the amount of interaction for your fanpage. In addition, also has a lot of instructions to help readers manage fanpage better such as scheduling status updates to automatically post existing status lines without having to be online or blocking members from bookmarking on facebook fanpage. .
You see the Facebook fanpage has quite a lot of interesting functions, if you are still an “personal” Facebook then why not try to create your own Facebook fanpage, which can bring some meaningful content to build plus for example, Because the creation of Facebook fanpage is not restricted.


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