Instructions to delete sinking words, Page 1, Page 2 in Excel

The large, indented letters, Page 1, Page 2 appear in Excel 2019 making the document unsettling and annoying for users, so how to remove these words?

Excel is a versatile spreadsheet processing software that supports users to calculate, tabulate, etc. Although a familiar program, not everyone understands and understands the settings of this software.

Tips or delete watermarks, letters Page 1, Page 2 in Excel

Recently, Taimienphi noticed that many readers were asking questions and wanted instructions on how to delete watermarks, Page 1, Page 2 in Excel. This error appears when users open an Excel file to work and see the very large Page, imprinted in the middle of the page is very unsightly and cannot be deleted.

Tips for deleting watermark words, Page 1, Page 2 text in Excel 2019

The first thing to confirm for everyone, the watermark that appears in a document is not an error. In contrast, this is an Excel support feature for users. Default when you turn on mode Page Break Preview then the words Page 1, Page 2, … will appear so that users can see what the content when printing on the page will be like without pressing. Print Preview. Thanks to this feature, you can get a better overview, thereby re-aligning the content or adjusting the paper size accordingly.

So if you want to turn off or delete watermarks, Page 1, Page 2 in Excel 2019, what to do? Please perform the operations that Taimienphi presents below.

Step 1: Open the Excel file that appears in the content. On the toolbar Ribbon, click the tab View.

Guide to remove birds on page 1 page 2 in excel 2

Step 2: Stay in the group of functions Workbook Views, you will see the document display modes in Excel. You will now see the current viewing status as Page Break Preview. To hide or delete the indented words you just need to change the document view. Taimienphi suggest that you choose thường.

Guide to remove birds on page 1 page 2 in excel 3
Thus, Taimienphi has instructed how to delete watermarks, Page 1, Page 2 in Excel or turn off Page Break Preview mode successfully. Whenever you want to enable this function again, follow the steps above and select the mode Page Break Preview Please. Good luck. If using Excel 2013, you refer to the article Insert sunken logo in Excel 2013 here.


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