Instructions to delete text on photos in Photoshop

Instructions to delete text on photos in Photoshop

With the procedure to delete text on photos in Photoshop in the following article, we will learn one more great way to delete text that even new Photoshop users can practice and use.

Referring to Photoshop, people will immediately think of a complex tool difficult to use. But through the tutorial Delete text on photos in Photoshop The following will help you better understand this tool. Photoshop is a tool that users who have just started or used for a while can use and work well.

Delete text on photos in Photoshop.

Instructions to delete text on photos in Photoshop

– To be able to delete text on photos in Photoshop we first need to have this software on your computer. Click here to proceed with the download Photoshop for computers.

>> Refer to the way install Photoshop Here if you have never installed this software.

Step 1: Assuming that in this article we have the following pattern, the task now is to delete the text on the image in Photoshop with the red text in the image. There are many ways to do it, and the instructions below will be one of them.

photoshop tutorial on photoshop 2

Step 2: First select the tool Marquee Tool, namely select Rectangular Marquee Tool as shown below.

photoshop tutorial on photoshop 3

Step 3: You then use the mouse and circle the area with text, note that as closely as possible to avoid being affected on many different partitions.

photoshop tutorial on photoshop 4

Step 4: Here to proceed to delete text on your photos in Photoshop Right click > select Fill after finishing freezing.

Photoshop Tutorial Photoshop Tutorial 5

Or another way if you can not do as above is click Edit On the menu bar, here you choose Fill with similar uses.

photoshop tutorial on photoshop 6

Step 5: Here another menu appears, just click Contents > select Content-Aware then click OK, got it to execute the command.

photoshop tutorial on photoshop 7

Step 6: Immediately you see delete text on the image in Photoshop is complete, the text is synchronized with the color of the image.

photoshop on photoshop 8

Step 7: Here we can use the tool Healing Brush Tool and drag to make the deleted image more harmonious.

photoshop tutorial on photoshop 9

Step 8: Also you can use Curves (Ctrl + M) to proceed to pull the color for a more harmonious color, this part you can do or not depending on the initial perception.

photoshop photoshop 10

The final result after deleting text on photos in Photoshop, if you have more time to edit, certainly delete text on photos in Photoshop will be much more complete.

photoshop photoshop 11

We can compare the before and after deleting text on photos in Photoshop to see the effect of this trick. The perfect erasing or not depends on two factors that are the meticulousness of the maker as well as the complexity of the image.

photoshop photoshop 12

With instructions to delete text on photos in Photoshop, you have updated yourself 1 more way to use Photoshop as well as the accompanying tools. There are many Photoshop tips that want to share such as how to stitch photos in Photoshop very simply. Reference way Collage with Photoshop Here and follow the instructions if you want an extra great trick.
To use Photoshop fluently, learners need to do many tutorials at, especially should use Photoshop shortcuts more than just the mouse. There are a lot of these Photoshop shortcut Use helps users manipulate faster.


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