Instructions to delete the Youtube Channel, delete your Youtube channel

You have a YouTube channel, but you don’t want to use it anymore, or you simply want to change the name of the YouTube Video channel or for whatever purpose you want to delete. To delete Youtube Channel, please follow the instructions below.

Youtube is the largest video sharing channel in the world, rich in genre and content, Youtube is quite familiar to you who often use the Internet. There you can create YouTube channels to share your own Video Clips, but … if you don’t want to use this YouTube channel, you can delete it.

Instructions to delete Youtube Channel

Step 1: Access to your account (usually a Gmail account)

Step 2: After successful login you go to the page this

Step 3: Next you look to the right and select Youtube Setting as shown below

Step 4: Next you choose Advanced

Step 5: Scroll down the item Delete Channel click to select Delete Channel

Step 6: Next, you need to log in to determine the deletion

Step 7: Select the delete channel and press OK, got it
So you have successfully deleted the Youtube Channel with just the steps above. Alternatively, you can take Rename YouTube channel to be easier to remember.

Youtube is one of the world’s leading entertainment video channels, with millions of attractive videos shared by users. There are many ways for you to watch videos on YouTube, such as streaming online or downloading Youtube videos to your computer or phone. Downloading Youtube videos to your computer will require third-party software or online services to download YouTube videos to your device.


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