Instructions to fix the TV does not connect to the network

Your TV cannot connect to the internet, lose internet connection and cannot access applications … for which you do not know why. Try following the steps below to fix the error of TV not connecting to the network that you are experiencing.

Currently, almost every family equips and uses smart TVs that support internet connection to serve the needs of all family members. However, not so that no errors arise and in particular, internet connection errors occur a lot. This article, Taimienphi will guide you to check and troubleshoot TV not connected to the network at home in a simple and most effective way.

Instructions to fix the TV does not connect to the network

1. Check internet source (Modem, Router wifi)

The TV cannot connect to the network and appears on the screen X From TV to modem as shown below, this means the TV is not connected to the modem yet so it cannot access the internet.

guide to the other places tv can't connect with 2

To fix this error, read the following:

Step 1: Check the cables connected from the TV to the modem, see if the cable is attached properly, and if there are any changes. If using wifi, check your password.

Step 2: Restart the modem, wifi router by turning off or unplugging the device power cord and let stand for about 30 seconds and then turn it back on.

Step 3: Make a network connection to the TV again. However, if the TV is still not connected to the network, you should use a phone or laptop connected to a wireless network (Wifi) to see if the network signal is available or not.

– In case the device cannot access the network, the ability of your internet connection or modem device, wifi router is problematic. Now you need to contact your internet provider to get the fix instructions.

– If other devices are on the network and only the TV cannot connect, try to restore the original settings and then reconnect the network again.

2. The TV connects to the modem but does not have internet

In this case, the reader can see clearly when an X icon appears between the modem and the internet, similar to the image below. This means the TV is connected to the modem but does not receive the IP address.

guide to the other places tv can't connect with 3

To fix, you do the following:

Step 1: On the network settings interface, click on the IP Settings item

guide to another television without connection 4

Step 2: The IP Settings dialog box appears, click the Enter manual option

guide to the other places tv can't connect with 5

Step 3: Enter the IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS server required by the TV and click OK.

guide to the other side of the tv without a connection 6

In case your device, Smart TV is still in the warranty period, you can contact the device service center to perform repairs.

Samsung TV warranty: 1800,588,889
Sony TV warranty: 1800,588,885
LG TV warranty: 1800.1503
Toshiba TV warranty: 1800.1529
Sharp TV warranty: 1800.1599
Panasonic TV warranty: 1800.1593
TCL TV warranty: 1800,588,880

3. Try transmitting wifi from phone to see if the TV is connected

Readers should also try transmitting wifi from the phone to check if the TV is connected. If possible, your television is completely normal and the problem is because your internet is not compatible. The fix now is to contact your internet service provider to fix the connection.

guide to the other places tv can't connect with 7

4. Restore original TV settings

If all of the above methods do not help you fix the TV without connecting to the network, then restoring the TV’s factory settings is a necessary step. At this point, all your settings will no longer be available, the TV will return to the default and you must reinstall it completely.

guide to another television without connection 8

Thus, the above are simple to complex methods to help you fix the TV not connected to the network.
In case you want to connect a Laptop to the TV but do not know how, refer to the tutorial Connect Laptop to TV via HDMI here.


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