Instructions to insert background images in Word

Instructions to insert background images in Word

There will be times when you need to decorate your text to be more beautiful, attract viewers and avoid the boring, monotonous white background image in Word, inserting background images in Word is really complicated. is not? Follow the tips below to know how.

You also know that by default the Word editor background image is white. Basically this background image is very familiar to users, and in certain situations you need to change this background image to suit the reality at that time or simply you want to change to reduce boredom. bored with another vivid, more appropriate background image.

The following article will help you know how to insert a background image in Word to compose text to help look pleasant and text will be more attractive.


* Preparation steps:

– Commonly used Word preloaded computers: Word 2016, two thousand and thirteen.
– Word file is available just insert or create new Word file.

To create a background image for a text page, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the text to insert background images -> into the tab Thiết kế -> select Page Color -> select Fill Effects

Guide to insert images in word 2

Step 2: Next delivered Fill Effects appears -> you press tab Picture -> then click the button Select Picture:

Guide to insert images in word 3

Step 3: A new dialog box appears -> here, you will see there are 3 functions for you to choose the image to be inserted as the background image:

From a file: Select the background image available on your computer.

Bing Image Search: Select a background image by searching for images on the Internet.

One Driver – Personal: Select photos available on your driver.

Suppose you choose a background image available on your computer -> click Browse the item From a file:

Guide to insert images in word 4

Step 4: You find the folder containing the image to be inserted as a background -> select photos -> then you press Insert

Guide to insert images in word 5

Continue you choose OK, got it:

Guide to insert images in word 6

Step 5: As a result, you have created a successful background image.

Guide to insert images in word 7

Attention when choosing Word background image

– Photos should fit to A4 size paper (794×1123 pixels):

Please note that the image selected as the background image has just been inserted just on 1 page of text so it will be displayed in full. If you select the image as a background image the size is smaller than the A4 size (794×1123 pixels). For example, the image below is 250x247pixel:

Guide to insert images in word 8

– Do not choose small pictures:

The selected background image will then consist of multiple images that are stitched together until the page is full, so in the process of selecting the background image, you should select an image that is the right size for the paper size so that it does not overlap. More images in the background image.

Guide to insert images in word 9

– Do not choose photos with lots of details, text in photos

Because the Word document we compose will usually have a lot of text, to avoid confusion between the background image and the text of the text, you should not choose images with many details such as natural images, flowers, … or images. There is a lot of text.

– Should choose better contrast text color

For light-colored backgrounds, we should choose a darker text color, if the background images are dark, deep, we choose a bright text color (but should not choose too bright colors). So that when you look at the Word text file, it’s easy to read.

How to remove background image inserted into Word?

To remove the background image You just need to re-enter Thiết kế -> select Page Color -> and then select No Color is done.

How to insert images in word 10

That is Insert background image in Word succeeded! From now on, you can create background images for your text, hope you will create unique and attractive text for your readers.
In addition, you want to learn more to be able to present Word documents more beautifully and professionally, you can refer to Beautiful text presentation in Word that I have instructed. Good luck!


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