Instructions to install Canon 2900 Driver on the computer

Instructions to install Canon 2900 Driver on the computer

You just bought the Canon 2900 printer without knowing how to install the Canon 2900 Driver for your printer or maybe your computer has lost the printer driver. Refer to the following article of to learn how to install the driver for Canon 2900 printer on Windows.

Canon 2900 printer Used very widely in offices and households today. Installing the Canon printer on a computer with different operating systems is relatively simple. Users only need to connect the printer to the computer and then have an Internet connection and the computer will automatically download the appropriate Driver. However, in case your computer has internet connection problems or driver problems, how to do? To install and use the Canon 2900 printer via computer, you also need to have some knowledge of how to download the printer driver. With the content below, you only need to follow the instructions to download and download Install Canon 2900 driver as well as using the Canon LPT 2900 printer to print documents on your computer already.
System requirements:
  • Computer running Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Canon LBT 2900 printer
  • Connection cable between the printer and computer
The steps to install Canon 2900 Driver on the computer are as follows:
Step 1: Download Driver Canon 2900
In addition, you can find and install the driver version to suit your operating system at:
Step 2: Proceed to run the downloaded installation file
Canon driver lbp 2900 driver
Step 3: The installation file will automatically extract to another folder. Open that folder, then run the file Setup.exe
Install the Canon lbp 2900 driver on the computer
Step 4: Click next to start the installation process
setup driver canon lbp 2900
Step 5: Click Yes to agree to the terms of use and continue the installation process
Install the Canon lbp 2900 driver on your pc
Step 6: This installation step will have 2 installation options
(1) Installation through a network port in a customized manner
(2) Installation through direct connection.
At this step, if you have prepared the printer and connection cable, you should choose the second installation method which is the installation via direct connection (Install with USB Connection). Click next to continue the installation
Use the Canon LBP 2900 printer
Step 7: Warning disconnect firewall for the printer, press Yes to continue
Print the bang bang canon lbp 2900
Step 8: The process of getting connected to a printer and a computer via USB. You use a computer and printer connection cable to check the compatibility and start the installation.
Note: If the printer does not automatically recognize the connection even when the cable is plugged in, please unplug the cable from the printer, then turn off the printer, plug the connection cable back in, and restart the process. If it still does not work, check the connection cable again.
Use the Canon LBP 2900 printer
Step 9: After successful connection, Canon 2900 driver will be installed on the computer.
Install the printer in canon 2900
Step 10: The installation process is complete. Click Restart to restart the computer.
Install printer in canon lbp 2900
Step 11: After restarting the computer. You should keep connecting the computer to the printer, then check that the printer has received the driver.
You on Control Panel Hardware and Sound Devices and Printers
In the printer list, if you see the Canon 2900 LBP printer icon with a green tick, the computer has been successfully installed the Canon 2900 LBP driver.
How to set up the canon 2900
So you have completed installing Canon 2900 64bit Driver on the computer. For other printers, the setup will be the same. After installing the printer, you can share the printer with other computers on the LAN to use to help print word documents more conveniently.


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