Instructions to lock the USB port on Windows 7/8

Using USB from one computer to another brings unpredictable dangers, this is a fairly common way of virus infection. To limit this situation, you can lock the USB port on your computer with the following actions.

USB is the most common way to infect Virus today. However, if you rarely use the USB port or do not want others to use the USB port on your computer, you can perform the USB port lock operation.

Instructions to lock the USB port on Windows 7/8

On Windows 7 or Windows 8 computers, the steps are the same:

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R on the keyboard to open the dialog box Run. In the Run dialog box, enter the command Regedit and press Enter

Step 2: In the Registry Editor window you access the path


Then the column on the right finds the item Start

Step 3: Double click the item Start, a dialog box appears where you enter the value 4 to enter Value data and press OK, got it

Close the window and from now on you plug the USB into the computer, the computer will not recognize your USB anymore.
With the operation is not too difficult above you can lock USB port on your Windows 7/8 computer already. In addition, if you use USB and encounter some errors, you can refer to the tips Fix USB infected Virus error cannot open, Fix “RunDLL” error on USB, ….


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