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Instructions to open the default compression file with WinRAR


You want to Open default compression file with WinRAR, the most widely used extracting software with fast decompression speed. The following article is how to open the extracted file, download WinRAR and follow the steps of offline.

WinRAR software supports file compression and decompression of the best data today. Not only has the file decompression speed been fast, but Winrar also supports compression of large files up to several GB. Users can open compressed files as well Open iso file with WinRAR effectively

mo mac file extension with winrar

How to Open the default zip file with WinRAR

The following article we will guide you how to open a default compression file with WinRAR, not open with software Data decompression Other, please refer.

Instructions to open the default compression file with WinRAR

Depending on your operating system, download and install the latest version of: Download WinRAR
Reference way install WinRAR If you don’t know how to install it
Currently in this example is the default setting when opening files with Bandizip software
Step 1: Right-click the file or folder to open and select Open with ->Choose default program …

The file is in mac state of winrar

Step 2: Here you click WinRAR archiver and choose Ok, got it

How to create a WinRAR file

Then all the compressed files on your computer will be changed to the icon of WinRAR

guide to install windows file using windows state
From there you can easily open them with WinRAR by double clicking directly on the file
Above, we have instructed you how to open the default compression file with WinRAR ,, if you are still wondering whether to open the compressed file with any software, WinRAR will be the answer for you. In addition, you can also open the default zip file with 7 zip software, one of the free data compression and decompression software, though it is free but 7 Zip is not inferior to WinRAR.



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