Instructions to play Slap Kings on PC

Enjoy your great experience when playing Slap Kings on PC with the best Android emulation software today, your hands will certainly not be limited by a small screen, comfortably controlled by the table. keys and mouse, avoid wear and tear of phone battery is essential.

Slap Kings is a light entertainment and fun entertainment for those who are looking relieve stress, stress for work or study. But playing Slap Kings on PC will help you avoid harmful agents, heat your device, etc. and some other dangers.

Play Slap Kings on the BlueStacks Android Emulator

Refer How to play Slap Kings on the phone here.

How to download and play Slap Kings on your computer

Currently there are many Android emulation software that readers can use to play Slap Kings on PC, including MEmu, Droid4x, NoxPlayer, LDPlayer …. but BlueStacks is always the number 1, runs stable and compatible with lots of Windows operating systems.

Step 1: First you need to download and install BlueStacks on the computer according to the link below, if your PC already exists, skip to step 1.

– Link to download the version Bluestack Latest.
– Refer to the way Install Bluestacks here.

Step 2: Launch emulator software BlueStacks As usual, click the icon CHPlay go to the store Google Play Store.

guide to slap kings on pc 2

Step 3: At the system Google Play Store, type Slap Kings Go to the search field and then press Enter or Search icon => Select Slap Kings of NPH Gameguru.

guide to slap kings on pc 3

Step 4: On the game’s official interface, click Install to start the process of installing Slap Kings on your computer.

guide to slap kings on pc 4

Step 5: Slap Kings has a relatively light installation volume, only takes a few minutes to finish. Click Open Start playing Slap Kings on PC with BlueStacks Android Emulator software.

guide to slap kings on pc 5

Initially you are instructed on how to play Slap Kings, click on the center of the screen to get started.

guide to slap kings on pc 6

How to play Slap Kings is very simple, you just need to click on the screen then force to slap the strongest, the arrow in the middle of the blue line will have the strongest hand force, when someone’s health bar reaches zero, that person will lose.

guide to slap kings on pc 7

To double the attack force (slap), you just need to click on the fire hand icon on the right of the screen, watch the finished video advertising => your hand has a fiery effect.

guide to slap kings on pc 8

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– Link to download Android version: Slap Kings for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Slap Kings for iPhone


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