Instructions to reduce lag when playing Lien Quan Mobile

How to reduce lag when playing Lien Quan Mobile is a question that many gamers are interested in, in the version of Lien Quan Mobile 3.0 as well. And here are a few less known methods.

Not long ago, the MOBA game Lien Quan Mobile officially updated to version 3.0 with a lot of content, improvements in gameplay, features, graphics and sound.

Tips to reduce lag Lien Quan Mobile

Instructions to reduce lag when playing Lien Quan Mobile

1. Game configuration
The first way that you can do that is to reduce the configuration, turn off unnecessary functions and remove some effects in the application. Settings => General of Lien Quan Mobile. If you are using a mid-range phone, the configuration is not strong, then Taimienphi recommends that you turn off the high FPS mode, to avoid battery drain, affecting the phone.

there is lag when playing games related to mobile

2. Turn off applications, programs running in the background
Any program or application that is running on a daily basis will cause lag to occur, and that also affects the gameplay of Lien Quan Mobile quite well. Therefore, you should practice for yourself the habit of exiting all applications running in the background when preparing to play Lien Quan Mobile, be more careful. start up (reset) can also return the phone.

3. Internet, Wifi
Network speed WIFI or 4G Instability also affects playing games, watching movies, listening to music and surfing the web. This situation is very annoying, it contributes to gamers not being able to achieve good results when playing Lien Quan Mobile, screen manipulation appears to be delayed or not receiving commands. If Wifi is not stable, please switch to 4G and vice versa to overcome the trait.

How to prevent lag when playing games related to mobile?

4. Delete the game and reinstall it
After many updates, in addition to new data, old data remains and makes them heavy. If your network speed is high or fast, delete the game and reinstall the latest version of Lien Quan Mobile, this method is used by quite a few people and is effective, no doubt.

=> Link to download Lien Quan Mobile for iPhone

=> Link to download Lien Quan Mobile for Android

5. Upgrade your phone
Another method is to upgrade the phone, buy a high-configuration smartphone from famous phone companies, fully meet the requirements. configuration game Lien Quan Mobile. Of course, any gamer wants to play games on the highest, most beautiful and smoothest graphics range.
Hopefully with ways to reduce lag when playing Lien Quan Mobile will help you get a good, smooth experience on your smartphone. If you encounter any error, do not hesitate to let Taimienphi know in the comment section below.


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