Instructions to remove Search Protect on computers

Instructions to remove Search Protect on computers

If unfortunately for some reason that your computer appears Search Protect, do not worry. Please refer to the article below to know how to remove Search Protect.

Search Protect is similar to Delta Search or Ask Search, all of which automatically install on your computer and are difficult to remove. If you are having problems removing Search Protect, continue to refer to the steps below.

The most effective way to remove Search Protect

Step 1: First double click on the Search Protect icon running on the system tray.

Here changes Home Page back to Google.

go search protect computer lock

When opening a new tab, select Browser Default to benchmark according to the browser settings.

delete search protect

Change the default search engine to the browser default tool (Browser default search engine)

go search search protect, go search protect computer, remove search protect

The last option is Enhance my search experience (improving search experience) is really just a trap. Please skip this option and press Apply.

Step 2: Move in Control Panel> Programs and Features, here please remove Search Protect, 3 options to remove are SaveSense, Search Protect, and Search Protection.

Use Malwarebytes to scan for malicious code

Once installed on the computer Search Protect will leave a lot of malicious code that harms your computer. Follow these steps to remove malicious code from your computer.

Step 1: Download malware scanning software Malwarebytes Anti Malware.

Step 2: After installation, proceed to launch the software and press the button Scan Now to scan.

Step 3: Malicious code detected, select a method to exclude the malicious code in the section Action and choose Apply Actions to complete.
So introduced to you the best way to remove Search Protect. Later when installing the software you should pay more attention, because junk software often crept into your computer this way. If not sure how to scan malicious code, please refer to the article Use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware that we provide.


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