Instructions to remove SketchUp completely on the computer

Instructions to remove SketchUp completely on the computer

Uninstall SketchUp if you no longer want to use this graphic design or 3D design software or if you want to have more advanced features in software like AutoCad or CorelDraw and want to clean up the system wider to install other graphic design software.

The process of installing Sketchup, using Sketchup certainly has laid the graphic design platform for many users, especially besides that, users can fully use Sketchup together with many graphic design software or devices. Other 3D designs today such as AutoCard, CorelDraw easily.

However, there are many users who want to install AutoCad or CorelDraw more conveniently, especially for computers with low hard drive capacity, so they decided to remove Sketchup to expand storage space. But to remove Sketchup properly and remove all traces of this software, not everyone knows it.

Uninstall SketchUp, 3D graphic design software on the computer

Method 1: Uninstall by the system software uninstaller

Step 1: Access the Control Panel on the computer by pressing the key combination Windows + R > Type Control Panel and press OK, got it.

go sketchup

Or you can also go to Control Panel by clicking the icon of the application on the screen or press Start Menu> type Control Panel and click on the search results. Refer more ways to Control Panel on Windows 10 if you are using Windows 10.

Install sketchup

Step 2: In the Control Panel interface, click the item Programs >Programs and Features.

Navigate to the Sketchup application in the settings list.

Install sketchup on the computer

Step 3: Right-click on the application and select Uninstall or click the button Unistall right above the screen.

How to go sketchup on your computer

Wait for a few moments for the software to finish removing Sketchup on the computer.

How to setup Sketchup on your computer

Method 2: Use software (CCleaner)

Step 1: Open CCleaner application on your computer by pressing Start Menu> type CCleaner and click on search results or you can also open CCleaner directly via shortcut icon on the screen.

how to go sketchup

Step 2: In the CCleaner interface, click to open the Tools> sectionUninstall.

Go to Sketchup computer

Navigate to the Sketchup (2015) application on your computer. Then click on the item Uninstall to start the process of removing Sketchup from the computer.

how to go sketchup on a computer has reviewed two most basic ways for readers to remove Sketchup on their computer. Especially if you are not a technical person, you can apply Method 1, but if you want to remove Sketchup most thoroughly from your computer, you need to apply how to remove Sketchup on your computer with CCleaner.

Currently, there is no shortage of 3D design software or website design, professional graphic geometry design like AutoCad, CorelDraw or Photoshop for users to choose, but Sketchup is still the top choice for many newbies. Entering into graphic design profession, not only by many professional features but also by having quite easy-to-use interface.
Surely anyone ever learn instructions Use Sketchup will find this software very easy to grasp. Finally, advises you to consider carefully before removing Sketchup because you know somewhere, you can regret the decision you just made and again. Install Sketchup and use as the original.


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