Instructions to remove the easiest photo background

Instructions to remove the easiest photo background

How to delete a simple photo background without having to use graphic software Do not worry because with the development of current technology, removing the simplest photo background is entirely possible.

There are many ways to delete a background in Photoshop, helping users remove the background quickly. However that is not The easiest way to delete photo background because not everyone knows how to use delete background in Photoshop. So what is the solution for people who do not have a lot of skills or knowledge of graphic tools. The following tutorial will show you how to delete the simplest photo background.

Instructions to remove the easiest photo background

Step 1: To remove the simplest photo background we just need to access the tool HERE.

Step 2: Inside the website helps remove the simplest background image called, the interface is simple and the user only needs to click Select a photo to proceed with image selection.

guide to remove the time from time 2

Here we select many photos with many different scenes of complexity.

guide to remove the time you spend 3

Step 3: Immediately the results will appear and you can see the accuracy after removing the background is as simple as 90%.

guide to eradicate your pain 4

Step 4: In the field you see unsatisfactory results can choose Edit to edit photos.

guide to remove the time you spend 5

Step 5: Here provides users with the removal of redundant details, but with missing details we may have to choose another image or use Photoshop to complete it.

guide to eradicate your pain 6

Step 6: You can then download the image with the format PNG, the archive format clears fonts and is applicable to all images.

guide to eradicate your pain 7

Step 7: As soon as you open it with the normal image opener, you can realize that the ability to remove fonts of is very perfect.

guide to eradicate your pain 8

Let’s take a look at some other results when using to remove the simplest background.

guide to eradicate your pain 9

When in the black background mode, the female character will lose part of her hair and the details will be perfectly removed.

guide to remove the time you spend 10

Or try a case of a more complex level of light in the image, however, when removing the background, you will see very dramatic results.

guide to eradicate your pain 11

When the black background mode will see the ability to split hair is very impressive, but the skirt is still a bit smudged because the part is quite complex lighting.

guide to eradicate your pain 12

One more difficult case when the skirt color is light as the background color, but the separation results are quite impressive, but still have to see in the black background to be clear.

guide to eradicate your pain 13

On a black background, this picture is almost perfect when only a small part of the skirt is faulty, but the dress is not difficult.

guide to eradicate your pain 14

In another case when applying to separate the background image into the majority to see how it handles.

guide to eradicate your pain 15

Of course, deleting a majority of photos will have a lot of weaknesses and the scenery of this image is quite complex.

guide to eradicate your pain 16

Above is the whole process of removing the easiest photo background. With the easiest way to remove the background image with is a way to help you remove the background image without having knowledge of graphics. Anyway is an online tool so there are still many limitations, so you should also update the new knowledge of graphics to help yourself solve the problem. For example, learning how to delete photo fonts in Photoshop is an option. Way Delete the image font in Photoshop Although difficult, but looking inside is very easy.
In addition to Photoshop, there are many other softwares and services that help delete background images, see Top Photo background eraser software, delete the Photo Background here.


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