Instructions to remove the onboard video card to use a separate card

When you use a computer, want to upgrade to play games, or serve for learning, you choose to upgrade the discrete card. However, when inserting a removable card into the computer, it does not recognize, you try everything but still cannot. In this article, will guide you how to remove the onboard video card to use a separate card.

To use a discrete video card, you need to remove the Onboard video card on the computer. However, not everyone knows how to do this, please follow the steps below to know how to do it.

Instructions to remove the Onboard video card to use a separate card

Step 1: First of all, if the older motherboard, surely it does not automatically Disable Card onboard. So you have to come in BIOS or Driver Manage to Disable this Onboard Card.

– Right click Computer then select Manage

– A new window will appear, navigate to the item Device manager look to the right to find Display adapter Select the onboard card using the right mouse and select Disable

Step 2: Turn off the computer Plug the VGA separate card into the computer slot PCI Express x16 slot. View your discrete card information, and download the Driver to install.

TipsIf you use an ATI discrete graphics card, you can refer to how to update the ATI Driver Card

Step 3: To enter Device Manage Check if the VGA card is available. If not, then check for new Driver updates, and check if the Disable card is onboard. Then start the machine again.
We have just done with you the steps to remove the onboard video card to use a separate card, so that you can replace the onboard video card with a discrete graphics card to easily serve your learning and solving needs. mind, …


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