Instructions to retrieve VNEID password when forgotten, do not remember

If you forgot your VNEID application login password, don’t worry because the way to retrieve your VNEID password is very simple. Follow these steps to recover your VNEID password, you will quickly get a new password and log in to VNEID effectively.

Forgetting your password is common, so most apps include a password reset feature that makes it easy to get it back, without having to create a new account. Same with VNEID. How to recover VNEID password as follows, for your reference.

Where to get VNEID password?, how to retrieve VNEID password

Download VNEID to your phone:
– Download VNEID for Android: VNEID for Android.
– Download VNEID for iOS: VNEID for iPhone.

Instructions for recovering VNEID password

Step 1: On the phone interface, you open VNEID application then click “Forgot password” (Figure 1). Forgot password interface opens, you Enter your phone number and ID number (ID card) and then click “Send require” (Figure 2).

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Step 2: At this point, the application will send verification code come your phone number, Friend open message already enter the code in the box (Figure 3). After entering the code, VNEID will notify you of success and will send you a message containing the password to log in to VNEID (Figure 4).

password reset password vneid

Now you just need to open the message, get the password and then log in with the account number of your identity card (ID card) and you can use VNEID easily.

Surely, after completing the instructions to retrieve the VNEID password, you have obtained a new password to log in to VNEID to declare information, scan the QR code. To make sure you don’t forget it, it’s a good idea to save that password in the Notes app or where you still keep everything.
If you do not know how to download, install and use VNEID, please refer to the following articles for details:

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