Instructions to rotate the video upside down on Zoom PC quickly and simply

If you are conducting a ZOOM PC meeting but the camera is reversed or tilted to the side, you can easily adjust it by referring to the article on how to rotate the video upside down on Zoom below.

When the Zoom camera or video is rotated upside down or tilted, your image on Zoom will be quite distracting, distracting Zoom participants and not paying attention to the lesson or what you are saying. To fix this situation, you need to refer to the tutorial article how to rotate video upside down on Zoom ours.

Zoom has reverse camera, instructions on how to rotate and flip the camera on Zoom on phones and computers

How to rotate video upside down on Zoom


These instructions to adjust the reverse Camera on Zoom are not available for users to join Zoom on Macbook, phone from a web browser on a computer.
– Normally, the camera of most smart devices, tablets will automatically rotate on smart mobile devices, tablets. So, if the camera on Zoom on your phone is rotated, you need to reinstall the screen rotation feature on your phone.

1. How to adjust the video upside down on Zoom before joining the meeting.

To solve the problem of Zoom being reversed, you need to perform video settings on Zoom again. To do this, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Launch Zoom on your computer, then click “Setting” in the right corner of the screen. If you haven’t downloaded it, install Zoom on your phone, you can download it by following the link below.

How to fix the camera is on the zoom

Step 2: At the installation interface, click “video“. Now you can see your Zoom video displayed on the right side of the screen. You can tap the rotate screen to rotate the screen to the desired position.

Zoom on camera

Step 3: The inverted Zoom camera has been adjusted to your settings.

How to rotate camera on Zoom

2. How to rotate a video upside down on Zoom while in a meeting

Step 1: At the meeting interface on Zoom, click the arrow icon next to the “stop the video” and press select “video settings

Camera on Zoom is on the phone

Step 2: At the video settings interface, hover over the Zoom camera preview and press the screen rotation button until the correct camera position is adjusted.

How to make the camera on Zoom on the phone

Above are detailed tips on how to flip, how to rotate the video upside down on Zoom in detail, helping you to overcome the situation of Zoom with the camera upside down, video tilted and optimizing your image when participating in meetings, studying on Zoom. Zoom.
If you are using Zoom and want to change the language from English to Vietnamese for ease of use, you can refer to the tutorial article. How to change language on Zoom Our Meetings. This will help you quickly switch the language you are using to your favorite language at any time.

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