Instructions to rotate the video upside down online, without using software

Rotating videos upside-down online, rotating videos upside down online is an effective way for you to get back to the original original video status unfortunately unfortunately rotated because you had previously used the software. Moreover, the way to use reverse video rotation service pages is also very simple and easy to use.

It can be affirmed that inverting video is no longer a difficult tactic to learn and approach, especially when there are quite a lot of software to reverse video by Windows Movie Maker or Free Video Flip and Rotate, Xilisoft Video Converter … of which, Windows Movie Maker is used more than all. However, users can not always use the software to rotate the video is reversed anytime anywhere. At these times, knowing a few online video rotation websites is a huge advantage.

And one of the ways to rotate a video upside down introduced in this article will certainly help readers greatly.

Instructions to rotate the video upside down online, without using software

Step 1: Firstly, readers need to access the page or press Here to go to the reverse rotation website online.

rotate video online

Press Browse… and navigate to the video you want to rotate the video upside down online. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video from the web and paste it into the link Or enter a URL. Uploaded videos are up to 16MB

Step 2: The next step is to choose the video format after rotating the video upside down online. Video formats include: mpg, mp4, avi, flv, mov, mkv, m4v, 3gp and wmv depending on the uploaded video

rotate a video without using the software

There are three supported formats including mp4, m4v and mkv.

rotate videos online

Continue you need to choose the direction of video rotation is reversed, including 3 options:

Rotate by 90 clockwise: Rotate 90 degrees clockwise.

Rotate by 90 counterclockwise: Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise

Flip 180: Rotate the video 180 degrees.

Step 3: Selection Encoding (encoding) to get the best video format you want

Guide to rotate the video source online

Universal: Uncompressed and can work well on older devices.

thường: Good quality, compatible with most devices

High: Best quality but also need the latest equipment

How to rotate a video online

The process of reverse video rotation will take place for a while depending on the video resolution and length.

Step 4: After selecting all the parameters, click Start to start rotating upside down videos online.

How to rotate a video online

Click on the download link to download the rotated video online.

rotate video online on computer

Choose where to store rotated videos online.

As a result, after rotating the video online, you can download the rotated video to your computer.

In addition to Rotatevideo, also introduced readers a comprehensive list of ways to rotate reverse video online through quite famous service sites. By referencing these ways to rotate videos online, readers will have more of their tools to support reverse video rotation.

Besides, if there is a need to rotate the video a lot and continuously, it is best to download and install the software to Rotate videos upside down with Windows Movie Maker, Free Video Flip and Rotates, VLC Media Player and Xilisoft Video Converter. These reverse video rotation software will ensure the highest and highest processing performance for users.

If in case you cannot afford to use video rotation software or online websites, but only iPhone or other mobile devices, you can refer to how to rotate videos on iPhone, how to rotate videos on iPhone with some of the support apps from the App Store is also very useful.
Good luck!


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