Instructions to turn off automatic music playback on Zalo when surfing the diary

The latest update of Zalo allows Android phone users to post diaries and moments with background music. However, if you surf the Zalo diary, encounter music playing unexpectedly and feel disturbed, you can set it to turn off automatic music playback on Zalo. Details of the steps to be taken will be shared by shortly.

By default, the songs attached to the Status that users post on Zalo will be autoplayed in your friend’s “diary”. However, this feature also brings a disadvantage if you are surfing Zalo diary in public or at work. Instructions turn off autoplay music on Zalo This will help you to minimize the inconvenience.

How to turn off automatic music playback on Zalo app.

Instructions to turn off automatic music playback on Zalo

Step 1: Access the Zalo application on your phone. At the main screen of the application, press “individual“.

If you do not have Zalo installed, you can download the latest version from the publisher by following the download link below:
– Load Zalo for Android
– Load Zalo for iPhone

I'm fine with playing music on Zalo

Step 2: Select the gear-shaped settings icon in the top right corner of the screen, then select “logs and moments”

Let's start playing Zalo music

Step 3: In the “diary and moments” setting interface, click “automatically play music”. By default, Zalo will set this feature to “always autoplay”. You need to tap ‘don’t autoplay’ to reset it.

Zalo plays music

Above are details on how to turn off auto-playing music on Zalo, allowing you to turn off the music attached to the status when viewing, surfing the diary of your friends on Zalo. With the same way, you can also turn off the video autoplay feature to save data usage and avoid the annoyances that this feature brings.
Not only available on Android phones, iPhone, Zalo is also available on computers with Zalo PC and Zalo web versions. With the web version, you can still log in to your account and use basic features such as messaging, calling, …, without installing software. Explore more How to use Zalo Web in our article to know how to use.

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