Instructions to turn off notifications on the new Skype

Instructions to turn off notifications on the new Skype

You want to have an important talk or need to focus on working. However, Skype is constantly showing notifications that make you feel distracting and uncomfortable, the following instruction will help you set up so Skype does not notify messages, calls, … return you peace of mind. static, avoid being disturbed.

1. Instructions to turn off notifications on the new Skype

Skype chat software is used by many people to exchange jobs by the convenience, free of charge and also has many powerful features to support in the office environment, Skype Software helps users to exchange with friends, create groups of games story.

Instructions to turn off notifications on the new Skype

Possessing strong connectivity, but this is also a minus point. Imagine, when you are working, you need to be focused but constantly receive notifications of new messages from chat groups or request Skype video calls? Surely you will feel uncomfortable because of being disturbed, it is difficult to concentrate to work.

Thankfully, the software has provided these settings to Skype does not notify the message, calls, … avoid distracting users. In this article, will introduce you how to turn off unnecessary notifications, optimize Skype in the best way.


First of all to turn off Skype notifications, you need to be signed in to Skype. Note that each reset is applied on only one account. So, if you use multiple accounts, you need to log back in and make edits.

Step 1: Access the Notification settings screen

There are many ways for you to access the Skype Notification Settings screen. Below we will introduce the 2 easiest ways.

Method 1: Access the Notification settings via the Notification card

In the main working window of Skype, select the card Notifications. Next you click on the filter and select Notification Settings.

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Method 2: Access Notification Settings through the General Settings window

Also at the main screen of Skype, click the icon Settings. You will be taken to the window Setting with a variety of categories. Look to the catalog Notifications.

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Step 2: Optimize the settings so that Skype does not notify you of messages and calls

In this section, you will see a lot of settings to optimize Skype Notifications. You can turn them all off, but there are a few options that are needed. Therefore, please take the time to learn each feature in the content below.

a. General Notifications setting

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Chat notifications (Chat notifications): Skype will display a notification at the bottom of the screen when there are any new messages.

Contact comes online notification: When someone is online, Skype will display a notification

Interactions: You will receive a notification when someone does: expressive, quoted, … with your message.

Notifications sounds: Skype will sound a notification that you have received a new message.

Tips & Tricks: Show notifications for new updates from Skype. Some important notices will still show even if you turn this option off.

Scheduled call notifications: Get notified from Skype when you’re on a calendar call

Notification of a poll call (Poll notifications): Receive notifications of polls from users.

b. Fine-tune notifications in Do not disturb mode

Above are the basic settings to turn off notifications. In case you do not want to turn off more deeply, do not want to receive calls, please change your online status to Do not disturb. Skype provides 2 separate settings for this status.

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Show chat notifications: If you disable this option, you will not receive any notifications.

Show call notifications (Show call notifications): When this option is turned off, you will not receive notifications when a call comes in.

c. Email notifications

If you accidentally miss a conversation or call for too long without responding, you can make contact with your partner or partner uncomfortable. Skype will cleverly remind you of this by sending an email.

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Missed chat reminders (Missed chat reminders): Skype sends emails when it detects you have missed conversations for 72 hours.

Missed call reminders: Skype sends an email when it detects you missed the call for 72 hours.
In the content of the article, showed you how to set up to Skype does not notify the message, calls help you focus when working. Hopefully you can still work efficiently and efficiently without having to exit Skype for fear of annoying notifications. Also, you refer to the way Turn off typing notifications on the new Skype here.


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