Instructions to turn on the Power saving function on laptops

If your laptop has been updated to Windows 10, then you should take advantage of the tools on Windows 10 to enable the battery saving function on your laptop to help extend the running time for your laptop.

Using the battery saving solution for Laptop is always very important, ensuring the longest computer use time and improving the life of the battery – limiting Laptop battery “bottle”.

Trick to turn on battery saving function on laptop

Currently, the Windows 10 interface has changed a lot about the installation interface, so the optimal settings for Battery are more or less difficult for some of you. This article will help you how to set up to turn on the laptop battery saving function to improve the performance and battery life of Laptop computers.

How to turn on the Power save function on the laptop

1. Turn on battery saving by quickly opening Action Center

This is the fastest way for you to access settings to enable Laptop battery saving mode.

Step 1: To open Action Center -> click on the image button like the paper note as shown below and click All settings.

Guide to save battery information on laptops 2

Step 2: On the screen that appears -> click on it System.

Guide to save battery information on laptops 3

Step 3: In section System You will see 2 settings related to optimizing battery for the computer are: Battery saver (Battery saving mode) and Power & Sleep (Sleep settings, screen off …).

Guide to save battery information on laptops 4

2. Set the Power & sleep section to enable Battery saving function

– Part Screen: Set the time to turn off the computer screen (when using the Battery and when charging).

– Part Sleep: You set the time the computer switches to mode Sleep (when using the Battery and when plugged in to charge).

– Two parts Screen and Sleep will save you a lot of battery when not using the computer continuously.

Step 4: At the bottom of “Power & sleep“have more items”Related settings – Related settings“.

Guide to save battery information on laptops 5

When clicking on the section Additional power settings You will be redirected to the interface Power Option, this is the setting to save battery. The settings section is similar to the setting Save Laptop Battery on Win 7.

Guide to save battery information on laptops 6

The next part is Battery Saver set battery saving mode. When this mode is enabled, the laptop will turn off unnecessary software, reducing performance to save battery.

3. Install Battery Saver to save laptop Battery

Battery Saver will work similarly on mobile phones and tablets. When the battery drops below a certain level (20% by default), it will automatically switch to battery saving mode.

Battery saving mode includes reducing background features, unnecessary features such as Bluetooth … reducing CPU performance, reducing the load of the Video Card … thus saving a lot of battery for the laptop.

Note: If your laptop is plugged in, battery saving mode will not work.

Step 5: In section Overview You will see the current battery level and expected usage time.

Guide to save battery information on laptops 7

You click on Battery use (highlighted in red above) -> the software will list the most battery-consuming applications.

Guide to save battery information on laptops 8

To set the applications are allowed to run in the background -> click on Change background app settings (circled in red above). At the list of applications running in the background you choose the applications are not used or very little used to Off (turned off) to reduce battery consumption.

Guide to save battery information on laptops 9

To configure battery saving -> click on Battery saver settings in section Battery Saver or click on the section Change battery saver settings The above is also.

By default, battery saving is configured to turn on at 20%, but you can set this to higher or lower if you want to change.

You can enable lower screen brightness by ticking the line Lower screen brightness while in battery saver.

Guide to save battery information on laptops 10

Such to Turn on battery saving function on laptop then you can use Power & Sleep and Battery Saver will definitely save you battery life and improve battery life.
If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, you can download the installer Win 10 Here, also refer to the instruction how install Windows 10 that has shared. Good luck!


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