Intel is working on a technology of the future: Allows remote gaming on someone else’s PC

Recently in a live stream on YouTube channel of famous technology blogger DrLupo, Intel’s GPU Development Manager, Mr. Raja Koduri, spent a lot of time sharing about the Intel ARC graphics card product line, as well as the company’s plans for discrete GPU products in the future. But it would not be worth mentioning if this director did not mention a really interesting plan that will surely attract a lot of attention from gamers.

Specifically, Koduri has revealed that the top experts in Intel’s graphics development department are currently seriously developing a technology related to allowing users to play games remotely on friends’ PCs.

“Imagine what would happen if you could give your friends remote access to your PC? For example, it is possible to allow them to experience Cyberpunk 2077 right on their newly purchased PC and vice versa …”.

In simple terms, this is a technology that allows remote gaming on other people’s PCs, and it is especially relevant in today’s time of travel restrictions and social distancing everywhere.

However, Koduri was also quick to “pull things back to the ground” saying it would be at least a while before we could see and experience such a technology in action in the real world. The senior director of Intel is talking about a long-term plan, a general roadmap for the next 5 years.

Not too much information is being shared right now, but nonetheless the potential of this technology is still huge and really worth the wait.

Intel’s first-generation ARC graphics card, codenamed Alchemist, is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2022, and that means Intel could show off its ARC GPU for the first time at CES. Images and names of leaked graphics cards have surfaced in relative detail over the past few months.


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