Intel kept its promise, released the Windows 11 driver package for the Kaby Lake G CPU series with Vega USA

That’s right, Intel has finally kept its promise to support Windows 11 on Kaby Lake G processors, which have been discontinued for a relatively long time. Accordingly, Intel has officially released a new graphics driver version 30.0.13025.1000 for the Kaby Lake G CPU series. At the same time, it decided to launch an additional driver package that supports Windows 11 for Kaby Lake G users – a move that has been approved by Intel. long awaited.

The new driver pack is based on AMD Adrenalin 21.10.1, which is designed to provide Windows 11 compatibility on AMD graphics products. Intel has mentioned (perhaps erroneously) in its release notes that the driver package is built on top of driver 21.10.2, but that is most likely incorrect. Because absolutely no optimizations for Adrenalin 21.10.2 are reflected in this release.

If you don’t know, the Kaby Lake G with RX Vega M is a really interesting lineup. It’s a unique combination of Intel’s Kaby Lake processors with AMD’s Radeon Vega graphics, by leveraging advanced technologies like the Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB). In theory, this combination should give Intel CPUs much better graphics performance than a single chip could do at the time.

After being on the market for a while and reaping a lot of success, the Kaby Lake G series was officially discontinued in October 2019. AMD’s driver development team then continued to provide updates. driver for Kaby Lake G for a while, before ending support in June 2020.

Back to release 30.0.13025.1000. The new Driver Pack will also bring a host of game optimization and support features. Comes with a series of patches that fix known issues.

All five Kaby Lake G SKU models, namely i7-8705G, i7-8706G, i7-8709G, i7-8809G and i5-8305G will be supported by this driver update.

To download the driver, you can visit Intel’s website via this link.


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