iPhone 9 launch, how much?

The iPhone 11 series has just been launched not so long ago, Apple has continued to reveal information about the introduction of the iPhone SE 2, which could be called the iPhone 9, at a “more affordable” price. And this iPhone 9 promises to be a formidable competitor in the high-end segment. So how does the iPhone 9 have specifications, configuration, design, and pricing? Let’s find out in the following article.

Apple Over the past few years, diversified its iPhone line of phones significantly. In fact, we already have the big expensive iPhone version and the latest expensive small iPhone respectively iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro, a pocket-sized iPhone 11, large iPhone 8 Plus and compact iPhone 8, iPhone X (or iPhone 10) was released long ago, so where is iPhone 9?

iPhone 9 has specifications, configuration, design, price like?

The strange iPhone numbering plan continues to take place in 2020 with the introduction of the iPhone SE 2, which will probably be marketed as the iPhone 9, with its compact size and affordable price, making Users are as surprised as the iPhone SE launch in 2016.

iphone 9 how much is it?

Some specs and configuration are predicted for the new iPhone:
– Screen: 4.7 inches
– Processor: A13 Bionic
– RAM: 3GB
– Internal memory: 64GB
– LCP antenna to improve wireless performance
– iPhone 8-style design
– Touch ID, no Face ID
– Color: silver, gold, gray
– Selling price from $ 399

Table of Contents:
1. iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 ?.
2. Design and display of iPhone 9.
3. Specifications and camera.
4. Sale price and launch date.

1. iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9?

At this point, almost everyone knows about a new iPhone that is about to be introduced, but there is still much debate around its name. All indications are that it is the “successor” of the iPhone SE, so initial rumors suggested that the phone might be called SE2, but that is probably not true.

According to a new report from Macotakara, Apple will name the upcoming phone iPhone 9 instead of iPhone SE2. This is really true when the SE brand is not really established. The vast majority of users are familiar with iPhone models that are numbered. And with the iPhone introduced so far, Apple has omitted the number 9.

2. Design and display of iPhone 9

Strangely, in the past, Apple’s stance was that the 3.5-inch screen was the perfect size for most users. More than 10 years have passed and Apple’s iPhone models now have screen sizes of about 6 inches. Current information shows that the iPhone 9 retains the overall design of the iPhone 8, including a large bezel, a physical Home button and a 4.7-inch screen. This means the iPhone 9 will be about the same size as the iPhone 8.

Some have dreamed of an iPhone SE-sized device, but with a borderless design and all that makes up the name of Apple’s flagship iPhone product line. Any indication that iPhone 9 is targeting users looking to upgrade from very old models, like the iPhone 6 and 6s.

While the so-called leaks and rumors may be wrong, all the recent signs indicate exactly that the new iPhone is quite compact with large screen borders and a revived Touch ID. What this means is that there’s no Face ID technology or notch on the iPhone 9, and don’t expect the back surface to be as rough as the iPhone 11 Pro. Instead it is a glossy back like iPhone 8.

3. Specifications and camera

Besides the news that is nothing new in appearance, here are some good news. Given the combination of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 11, the iPhone 9 is expected to own the A13 Bionic chip that has the same power as the iPhone 11 series and that means it will work extremely well and keep great performance. So great for years to come.

Besides the new and powerful processor, iPhone 9 will also be increased RAM from 1GB to 3GB. It may not seem like much, but considering that the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are working well with 4GB of RAM, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

iphone 9 how much it costs 2

So what about the camera? The iPhone 9 will come with a single rear camera, but its image sensor looks a lot thicker and thicker than the one mounted on the back of the iPhone 8, and quite sure that means performance and Camera flexibility will be greatly improved. And the system speed is the same as when activated by Apple’s advanced A13 Bionic SoC chip that the iPhone 9 borrows directly from the iPhone 11 series will bring a major upgrade from the performance of the A11 chip on the iPhone 8. Quite a lot of other specs are still hidden in the wrapper, yet to be revealed, but users can also be assured that the configuration upgrade means a bigger battery capacity.

4. Price and launch date of iPhone 9

iphone 9 how much it costs 3

Apple usually doesn’t reveal new products in the spring, but when that happens, both the official announcement and the commercial release will be launched in March. And it’s likely that the iPhone 9 will be on the run. along with the new iPad Pro duo with the famous 3 camera system from the iPhone 11 series.

Believe it or not, the iPhone 9 is rumored to cost $ 50 less than the iPhone 8. Specifically, $ 399 for the 32GB version. Curiously, the 128GB configuration might be similar to the same iPhone 8 model with a suggested price of $ 499. But with an upgraded camera and processor, it’s pretty sure Apple will be able to find customers with prices starting at $ 450 or even $ 500. You just bought a new iphone and want Transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone to be easier to use Taimienphi.vn will help you solve this problem in the next article.


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