Ironically, the fast update feature of Windows 11 has an error that is difficult to update

Two weeks ago Microsoft introduced a new feature called Update Stack Package to the Dev Channel of the Windows 11 Insider Preview program. The Update Stack Package is designed to help Microsoft deliver update enhancements that are separate from major operating system updates, such as new builds.

The Update Stack Package helps ensure that your computer has the highest ability to successfully install new updates with the best experience and minimal disruption. This process helps Microsoft provide a better update experience for Windows 11 users.

That’s the goal, but Microsoft’s way of doing it is a bit problematic.

Recently, many users reported that they are having problems installing the Update Stack Package. Not sure where the error lies, but the process of installing Update Stack Package is extremely difficult and slow.

The Update Stack Package includes a small set of system files related to the update process. They are developed independently of the main operating system. Microsoft hopes that after successful testing with Windows Insider users, they will deploy the Update Stack Package on a larger scale.

However, it seems that Microsoft still has a lot of work to do with the Update Stack Package feature.

Jason Howard, director of Microsoft’s Insider Program, shared on Twitter that Microsoft is investigating the matter. So far the software giant still does not know where the problem lies.

Many times users cannot understand what Microsoft is doing with their products and services.


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