Is LG air conditioner good?  LG air conditioner review

Is LG air conditioner good? LG air conditioner review

Is LG air conditioner good? What is the price of LG air conditioner? Should I buy an LG air conditioner? To answer these questions, collects information and has objective views that we want to share with you as follows. conducted an evaluation of the air conditioners of a number of different manufacturers such as Casper air conditioners from Thailand, Midea air conditioners originating from China, or Panasonic, Sharp, Daikin air conditioners originating from Japan and characters. The main of today’s article will be a brand from Korea that you are probably too familiar with, that is LG. Together we will find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of LG air conditioners and whether to buy LG air conditioners.

Should I buy an LG air conditioner?

Article Table of Contents:
1. LG air conditioner review.
2. Pros and cons of LG air conditioners.
3. Should buy LG air conditioner or not.

I – LG air conditioner review

Depending on the product line, LG air conditioners have different characteristics, features and technologies. will point out the most prominent features that LG includes in its products without going into details on each of its air conditioner models.

1. Model, design

LG is one of the most famous brands in the electronics, refrigeration and home appliances markets. LG washing machines or LG TVs are always appreciated for their models, designs and so are LG air conditioners. LG launches many models of air conditioners with different prices, from mid-range to high-end segments, consumers can easily choose a product that suits their needs and economic conditions.

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In addition to focusing on diversifying product models, LG also cares about the style and appearance of its air conditioners. It can be said that LG air conditioners are always in the top of the best designed air conditioners today. With luxurious styling, sophisticated design and elegant tones, LG air conditioners are suitable for installation in any space in the home.

2. Refrigeration technology

– Jet Cool fast cooling mode: The air conditioner runs at high capacity to create a strong flow of cool air, cooling the space in just 3 minutes. Thanks to that, you won’t have to wait long to enjoy the cool air.
– Powerful cooling mode: In this mode, the LG air conditioner will cool as quickly as possible to reach the set temperature in the shortest time.
Dual Inverter Technology: Able to cool 40% faster than conventional air conditioners.

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3. Deodorizing and antibacterial technology

It can be said that LG air conditioners are equipped with the most advanced anti-odor and antibacterial technologies today. The most prominent is the optimal 5-step air purification system:

– Primary filter: Captures coarse dust particles from the very first filtration step.
– Ultra-fine dust removal filter: Removes superfine dust PM0.1 up to 99.9% effective.
Anti-allergy filter: Reduce allergens, bring fresh air.
– UVnano lamps: Eliminate bacteria inside the blower up to 99.99%.
– Auto cleaning feature: The blower dries the heat exchanger. This maintains a clean environment while increasing the life of the air conditioner.

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– Plasmaster Ionizer technology: Reduces harmful microscopic particles in the air by infusing more than 3 million positive and negative ions into the air that passes through the air conditioner, keeping your space clean from bacteria, dirt and odors.

4. Ability to save electricity

– Inverter V technology: According to the company, LG air conditioners are equipped with Inverter V technology capable of saving power consumption up to 60%, while cooling faster.
Dual Inverter Technology: This breakthrough technology saves power up to 70% and cools 40% faster than conventional air conditioners without inverter technology. Besides, you can actively choose the energy control level with 4 levels of 100%, 80%, 60%, 40% capacity depending on the number of people in the room.

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5. Other notable technologies

– Mild dehumidification mode.
– Unique mosquito repellent feature, works even when the air conditioner is turned off.
– Control the air conditioner remotely via Wi-Fi using a mobile application.
– Sleep Timer Start night mode will automatically adjust the temperature, creating a comfortable feeling when sleeping.

6. Smooth operation

According to user reviews, the outdoor unit of LG air conditioner causes a lot of noise, especially in hot sunny days and high temperatures. However, many models of air conditioners and air conditioners are equipped with advanced BLDC motors, reducing vibrations by up to 40%, along with a 15-degree bevel fan system in the indoor unit to help reduce air friction and operate quite quietly. with the lowest noise level of about 18dB.

7. Price

Like other air conditioner manufacturers, LG air conditioners have different prices depending on capacity and product line. Here is the price of LG air conditioner that you can refer to:

– Capacity of 1 HP (for a room of about 15m2): Price ranges from 9 to 14.5 million VND.
– 1.5 HP capacity (for room about 15-20m2): Price ranges from 10.5 – 18 million VND.
– 2 HP capacity (for room about 20 – 30m2): Price ranges from 17 – 33 million VND.
– 2.5 HP capacity (for rooms about 30 – 40m2): Prices range from 21.5 to 31.5 million VND.
– LG air conditioners with a capacity of over 2.5 HP: Prices range from VND 30 – 37 million.

II – Advantages and disadvantages of LG air conditioners

1. Advantages of LG

– Many models and designs to choose from.
Using Dual Inverter and Inverter V technology to save maximum power consumption.
– Advanced air filtration, antibacterial and deodorizing system.
– Use safe and environmentally friendly R32 gas.
– Equipped with automatic cleaning feature, limiting the growth of mold and bacteria and extending the life of the machine.
– Warranty 24 months from the date of purchase and 30 months from the date of manufacture.

2. Disadvantages of LG air conditioner

– Price is a bit high.
– Cooling capacity is worse than air conditioners of other brands.

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III – Should I buy LG air conditioner?

As mentioned above, LG is one of the world’s leading prestigious manufacturers of electronics, refrigeration and home appliances and its products, including air conditioners, are always focused on design. and quality. Whether or not to buy LG air conditioner depends on your economic conditions and preferences. has a few tips as follows:

– Buy LG air conditioner if you are inclined towards beauty, elegant, luxurious and modern design, and love the smart features and technologies that LG equips its products.
– Do not buy LG air conditioners if your financial conditions are tight and you want to find cheap air conditioners.
For LG air conditioners or air conditioners of any other brand, in addition to learning about the product, you also need to choose reputable sales addresses to ensure the origin, quality, as well as mode. insurance.

In addition to LG air conditioners, you can also refer to other air conditioners such as Sharp, Daikin or Panasonic, … These are air conditioners that many people choose. You can refer to the reviews of these air conditioners here and make your final decision:

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