Is Midea air conditioner good?  Midea air conditioner selling price

Is Midea air conditioner good? Midea air conditioner selling price

Midea air conditioner is one of the familiar brands for many users in Vietnam, but many people still wonder about the quality and price of Midea air conditioners. To learn more, readers can refer to the Midea air conditioner review in the article below of

Midea is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical appliances and household appliances. Products of this Chinese brand, such as Midea air conditioners, have won the hearts of many Vietnamese consumers because their quality is too good for the price. However, many people wonder that with such a cheap price, whether Midea air conditioner is good or not. That is why is here to analyze and evaluate Midea air conditioner with you.

Should I buy Midea air conditioner?

Article Table of Contents:
1. Midea air conditioner review.
2. Pros and cons of Midea air conditioners.
3. Should buy Midea air conditioner or not.

I – Midea Air Conditioner Review

In the Midea air conditioner review, will synthesize the most outstanding technologies and features of the product instead of evaluating each of its air conditioner models.

1. Model, design

Midea air conditioner stands out with its compact design and elegant colors, creating harmony when installed in every space in the family. When it comes to models, Midea air conditioners are not very diverse, especially when compared to other big companies like Panasonic or Daikin.

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2. Refrigeration technology

Midea air conditioner is considered a cheap air conditioner, however, the product possesses advanced cooling features such as:

– Super Cool Mode: When the Super Cool mode is turned on, the fan inside the Midea air conditioner will run at high speed to deliver a super strong wind, quickly lowering the room temperature to 17 degrees Celsius.
– Turbo mode: When turning on Turbo mode, Midea air conditioner will cool as quickly as possible to reach the temperature you set in the shortest time.
– Efficient cooling with Follow Me feature: When this function is turned on on the Midea air conditioner remote, the control unit of the indoor unit will sense the room temperature data from the temperature sensor installed in the remote, then automatically adjust the operating capacity to The temperature in this area best matches the set temperature.

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3. Deodorizing and antibacterial technology

– System of 4 filters: Includes Bio, Vitamin, Coal and Catalyst filters, capable of filtering out dirt, mold, bacteria and other harmful agents to bring fresh air.
– Ionizer filter system: Generates millions of negative and positive ions to help remove dust particles, bacteria, mold spores and viruses, providing fresh and clean air.
– Auto cleaning mode: Depending on the model, this mode is activated automatically when the air conditioner stops working. The fan continues to work for 10-15 minutes after turning off the air conditioner, so the indoor unit will be dry. This helps limit the growth of mold and bacteria, and increases the life of the machine.

4. Ability to save electricity

– Inverter technology: Helps save energy significantly while operating quietly, does not affect the family’s daily life.
Gear Control Functions: Adjust the power consumption of the air conditioner to the power levels of 50%, 75% or 100%. Limiting the capacity of the air conditioner will help save energy effectively.
– Eco mode: Eco mode maintains a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, with minimal noise and power consumption.

5. Smoothness in operation

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Midea air conditioner has a Silence feature that reduces the fan speed of the indoor unit to the lowest level and reduces the noise of the air conditioner. Therefore, your sleep and family activities will not be affected by the noise emitted by the air conditioner.

6. Price

Midea air conditioners are priced at a few million dong lower than models with the same capacity of other brands. Of course, pricing depends on the product line, supported technology, and operating capacity. Below is the reference price of Midea air conditioner.

– Capacity of 1 HP (for a room of about 15m2): Price ranges from 7-14 million VND.
– 1.5 HP capacity (for room about 15-20m2): Price ranges from 7.5 to 16.5 million VND.
– 2 HP capacity (for a room of about 20 – 30m2): Price ranges from 11.5 – 16.5 million VND.

II – Pros and cons of Midea air conditioners

1. Advantages of Midea air conditioner

– Many cooling modes and utilities such as Sweet Dream that can adjust the room temperature to suit your body temperature, or the Forest Air feature that creates a natural wind speed…
– Multi-layer filter system has the ability to effectively filter dust, mold, bacteria and deodorize.
– Quiet operation, no noise.
– The ability to automatically clean after turning off the air conditioner.
– Midea wall-mounted air conditioner has a warranty period of 3 years for the overall product and 5 years for the compressor.
– Good price.

2. Disadvantages of Midea air conditioner

– Not optimal when used in large spaces.
– Less advanced technology and features.

III – Should buy Midea air conditioner?

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Midea air conditioner is considered to be durable, good quality in the price range. That is one of the points that attract Vietnamese users to choose Midea air conditioners. However, there are also many consumers who doubt the quality of the product because it comes from China. would like to inform you that Midea is one of the large corporations in China, owning the most complete production lines for air conditioners, washing machines, rice cookers, induction cookers and many household products. is different. Therefore, you can be assured of product origin and quality if you buy from reputable electrical systems.
Midea air conditioners are cheaper than some other strong brands in air conditioning such as Panasonic or Daikin, but this product from China is still equipped with cooling, deodorizing, antibacterial and required energy savings. Only these technologies are not the most modern. Therefore, Midea air conditioner is suitable for families with low and middle incomes who just need a cheap air conditioner that can meet the cooling needs well. If you are aiming for a line of air conditioners with better finishing, more advanced features, Midea is not the ideal choice.

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