Is Sharp air conditioner good?  Review Sharp air conditioner

Is Sharp air conditioner good? Review Sharp air conditioner

Sharp is one of the most famous Japanese brands specializing in manufacturing household appliances and electronics in the world, highly appreciated by consumers for both quality and design. So with a company that produces such a wide range of products, is Sharp air conditioner any good? We will learn that through the following Sharp air conditioner review.

Summer is a series of long hot days and there are days when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, air conditioners gradually become indispensable devices in families. Air conditioners are diverse in brands, models and types. In the current air conditioning market in Vietnam, the Sharp brand attracts the attention of many users and certainly before spending a good amount of money to buy an air conditioner, you will want to find the answers to these questions. Questions like: Is Sharp air conditioner good, should I buy Sharp air conditioner? will answer your question right here.

Are the disadvantages of Sharp air conditioners?

I. Sharp air conditioner evaluation.
II. Advantages and disadvantages of Sharp air conditioners.
III. Should I buy Sharp air conditioner?

I – Sharp air conditioner review

Sharp air conditioners are designed and equipped with different technologies depending on product line, capacity and price. In this article, only mentions the most outstanding features and features of Sharp air conditioners in general.

1. Models, designs

Sharp air conditioner has a simple but sophisticated design with a not-so-sophisticated appearance but still exudes a modern look. Although not too prominent in design, with white and gray as the main colors, Sharp air conditioners are suitable for any interior design style, as well as any space in the family.

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Sharp air conditioners have quite a variety of product models, but compared to Daikin or Panasonic air conditioners, Sharp is somewhat inferior.

2. Refrigeration technology

Sharp’s electronic products and home appliances are always appreciated for their features and technology, Sharp air conditioners are also focused on this aspect. Sharp air conditioners are equipped with a number of advanced cooling technologies such as:

Powerful Jet cooling technology: This technology creates cold air, with a cooling speed 28% faster than conventional air conditioners, so Sharp air conditioners quickly cool the space at the temperature threshold you adjust. You will not have to wait long to enjoy the cool, refreshing air.
– Super Jet mode: Generates powerful cold air, reduces 5 degrees in 5 minutes. As a result, the room temperature reaches the temperature you set 40% faster than conventional models.

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– J-Tech Inverter technology with 15 cooling levels: Adjust the activity level to the cooling needs gently and efficiently.
– 2 large wind vanes: Two 140mm long louvers move in parallel to help cool quickly and efficiently.

3. Deodorizing and antibacterial technology

– Plasmacluster Ion technology: Release the highly oxidizing OH angle ion that adheres to the surface of mold and bacteria to break down the protein structure of these harmful agents, in order to keep the air in the room fresh and clean.

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– Automatic cleaning function: Plasmacluster Ion is dispersed throughout Sharp air conditioner components for 90 minutes to clean dirt and mold. Thus, limiting the growth of mold in the air conditioner.

– Polypropylene dust net: Purify the air from harmful agents such as dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, … bring fresh, cool air.

4. Ability to save electricity

– Eco Aero system: The 260 mm louver, about 40% larger than conventional products, minimizes wind resistance and blows out a stronger stream of cool, pure air, but effectively saves energy.
– Eco mode: Smart power saving mode, adjusts the cooling temperature through 2 steps to maximize power consumption.
– J-Tech Inverter technology: Not only increasing the ability to cool quickly with 15 levels, this technology also helps you save up to 65% on monthly electricity bills.

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5. Smoothness in operation

Inverter technology ensures Sharp air conditioners operate smoothly, without making noise, and according to many people who have used Sharp air conditioners, they said that Sharp air conditioners do not make noise, while the outdoor unit makes a sound but no effect due to being installed outside.

6. Some other outstanding features of Sharp air conditioners

In addition to advanced fast cooling, antibacterial and energy-saving technologies, Sharp air conditioners also include many other great utilities and features such as:
– Best Sleep mode: The temperature is set to the optimal level for the user to feel most comfortable and have a good night’s sleep.
– Baby mode: This mode is for children and the elderly. When this mode is turned on, the cold air flows towards the ceiling instead of the floor.
– Breeze mode: Creates a gentle breeze, mimicking a natural breeze.
– 7 protection features: Fireproof, anti-corrosion, anti-thunder, anti-vibration, anti-shock during transportation, anti-damage, stable operation in wide voltage range from 130V.

7. Price

The price of Sharp air conditioners depends on the product line, supported technology and operating capacity. Here is the price list for reference:
– Capacity of 1 HP (for a room of about 15m2): Price ranges from 9-14 million VND.
– 1.5 HP capacity (for a room of about 15-20m2): Price ranges from 11 to 14.5 million VND.
– 2 HP capacity (for room about 20 – 30m2): Price ranges from 16 – 18.5 million VND.

II – Advantages and disadvantages of Sharp air conditioners

1. Advantages of Sharp air conditioners
– Reduce 5 degrees in 5 minutes with Super Jet mode.
– Antibacterial deodorant with Polypropylene dust filter and Plasmacluster Ion technology.
– Many wind modes are suitable for children, the elderly, people who are sensitive to temperature…
– Maximum power savings with exclusive J-Inverter technology.
– Smooth operation, no noise.
– 1-year warranty on air conditioners, 10-year warranty on compressors for inverter air conditioners.

2. Disadvantages of Sharp air conditioner
– There are not many models like other air conditioner brands.
– Air conditioners are rarely advertised, so not many people know about them.

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III – Should I buy Sharp air conditioner?

Sharp is a reputable brand, so its products, including air conditioners, are of good quality. Just because there are few advertising programs, Sharp air conditioners are not as popular as other brands. For the question whether Sharp air conditioner is good, would like to be answered as well. Should buy Sharp air conditioner, the answer is yes.

As a product from a leading brand, but with a price that is considered affordable in today’s air conditioning market, Sharp air conditioners are equipped with many utilities, advanced technologies, features and smart modes. bright. Sharp air conditioner will definitely not let you down during use. However, if you want to buy an air conditioner with a luxurious design with more models, Panasonic or Daikin air conditioners will be the more ideal choice.
Whether you buy Sharp air conditioners or air conditioners of other brands, you should choose to buy them at reputable online stores or electrical systems to ensure quality and warranties.

If you are in need of buying Daikin or Gree air conditioners but do not know how the quality is, you can learn more about the parameters as well as advice on whether to buy these air conditioners or not.

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