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Messages or private correspondence are each person’s secret, recognized and protected by law. However, not everyone understands and respects these secrets, and there is still a lot of eavesdropping on messages. So, is there a penalty for reading text messages? Please read the following article for more details.

Read other people’s messages without the consent of the owner is a violation of the law and is sanctioned as follows:

How much is the penalty for reading and stealing messages?

1. It is illegal to read text messages

– According to Article 21 of the 2013 Constitution and Article 38 of the 2015 Civil Code, text messages or other forms of exchanging private information of individuals are confidential.

– No one has the right to arbitrarily check and control other people’s private information exchanges.

=> Therefore, the act of stealing messages is a violation of the law, infringing on the privacy rights of others; and will be handled according to regulations.

In fact, the fact that husband and wife secretly read each other’s messages, parents read messages from their children or read other people’s messages on zalo, facebook,… happens a lot. These are all illegal acts that not everyone knows and understands the legal consequences to suffer if violated.

2. Stealing messages can be sanctioned for administrative violations

2.1 Stealing messages between family members

A fine of between VND 10 million and VND 20 million shall be imposed for the following acts:

– Stealing messages between family members such as husband and wife reading each other’s messages, parents reading children’s messages,…
– Then reveal and distribute these messages in order to offend the honor and dignity.

(Based on the provisions in Clause 2, Article 54 of Decree 144/2021/ND-CP)

How much do you see in the news doc?

2.2 Stealing other people’s messages

A fine of between VND 10 million and VND 20 million shall be imposed for the following acts:

– Eavesdropping, collecting messages of other people (not family members) without their consent.
– Thus, the case of reading zalo, facebook messages of friends without consent, may be punished according to the above level.

(Based on the provisions of Clause 3, Article 102 of Decree 15/2020/ND-CP)

3. Stealing messages can be criminally handled

Stealing other people’s messages can be prosecuted for criminal liability for the crime of infringing upon the confidentiality or safety of other people’s correspondence, telephone, telegrams or other forms of exchanging private information (Article 159 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Criminal Law 2015).

– A warning, a fine of between 20 million and 50 million, or a non-custodial reform for up to 03 years:

If you read someone else’s messages, they will be disciplined or administratively sanctioned for this act but continue to violate them.

– Imprisonment from 01 – 03 years, and a fine of from 5 – 20 million, banned from holding positions for 1 – 5 years if there are more details:
+ Make the person who has the message stolen commit suicide;
+ Organized crime;
+ Abuse of positions and powers to read and steal messages;
+ Committing the crime twice or more;
+ Disclosure of message information affects the honor, reputation and dignity of others.

=> Thus, stealing other people’s messages can be punished with imprisonment for a maximum term of 3 years.

4. Detecting other people reading and stealing messages, what to do?

– In case other people discover that other people have stolen zalo, facebook messages – there is important information and the thief intends to spread and disclose this information, citizens should immediately notify the police at the district/district level where they are located. I reside. Provide information about the infringer of this information (if any) for the police agency to have grounds for investigation and handling.

– In case a husband and wife read each other’s messages or parents read messages from their children.

+ Because this act is only administratively sanctioned if the person who reads the messages stealing reveals or distributes these messages in order to offend the honor and dignity; Therefore, the prevention and handling is not easy to do.
+ If it is discovered that parents and spouses have read messages secretly, they can request an end to this behavior.
+ Family members need to have trust and share with each other to limit curiosity and eavesdropping on messages. In case you want to read other members’ messages, you should ask permission and get the consent of that person.
So, read text messages might be administrative fines or criminal handling depending on the nature and extent of the behavior. Each individual needs to respect the privacy rights of others, to avoid violations that affect each other’s lives and be handled in accordance with the law.

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