ITunes error 45054, the cause and how to fix it

iTunes is an application used by many Mac users thanks to the utilities it brings in managing data, playing music, videos … However, when downloading iTunes and using, users still encounter many errors in the process. use, such as error 45054 with the message An unknown error occurred.

Fix iTunes 45054 error message

It can be said that iTunes is an intermediary tool that supports a lot in connecting phones to computers, with common iTunes errors such as the error “unknown error occurred 0xe8000012”, the error message iTunes error 45054 is making many users You feel uncomfortable when your phone cannot be connected to the computer. Therefore, today Taimienphi will guide you how to fix and quickly fix iTunes error 45054. Let’s follow how to fix below.

Instructions to quickly fix iTunes error -45054

1. The cause of iTunes error message 45054

There are many different causes of this error such as:

+ Use the old version of iTunes
+ System time error
+ System data is missing or missing
+ Internet problem
+ Hard drive error

2. How to overcome lFor iTunes 45054

Method 1: First, check your iTunes and see which version you’re using. If the version you are using is outdated, you should update it.

loi itunes 45054

Check the iTunes version

In addition, you can also remove the old version and then download the latest iTunes version here

Method 2: If you’ve updated the version to iTunes and still have this problem, please check your Internet connection. In addition, corrupted or interrupted system files also cause this problem on Mac devices.

Method 3: Delete system files to fix iTunes error message 45054

On Mac operating systems:

Step 1: Turn off iTunes and open Finder
Step 2: Select Go> Go to Folder.

itunes loi 45054

Select Go> Go to Folder

Step 3: In the new window, enter the path / Users / Shared / adi then press Go

itunes 450 iTunes

Fix iTunes 45054 error

Step 4: Drag or delete the entire file in the folder adi into the Trash, reopen iTunes and check if the iTunes 45054 error has been resolved.

itunes 45054

Delete the entire adi folder

* If you see the message “The folder can’t be found”, check to see if / Users / Shared exists by visiting / Users /.

If you do not see the Shared folder

– At the top of the Users folder window, open the folder Applications.

– Open the folder Utilities> Terminal

– In the Terminal window, type the command sudo mkdir -p / Users / Shared / then press Return

– When prompted, enter the Admin account password and press Return.

– Enter the following command in the Terminal window: sudo chmod 1777 / Users / Shared > press Return and exit the Terminal window.

On Windows operating system

– Turn off iTunes if it is still enabled

– Press the key combination Windows + R.

– At the Run window, you type % ProgramData% into the frame OK, got it

loi 45054

Find the ProgramData folder

– Here you open Apple Computer, then open the folder again iTunes


Delete the SC Info and adi folders

– Find 2 directories SC Info and adi then delete. (If you can’t see it, open the hidden file feature in Windows)

– Restart the computer and reopen iTunes check.

Method 4: You can try using the feature “Repair Disk Permission” on Mac to fix this problem. You access Applications> Utilities>Double click on Disk Utility.

fix itunes 45054 quickly

Double click on Disk Utility

Repair itunes 45054

Select the option to fix hard drive error to fix iTunes 45054 error

Now in the left pane you will see the Mac hard drive. Very simply you just need to select the hard drive to mark 2 options: Verify Disk permission and Repair Disk permission. Wait for this process to complete, open iTunes again and check to see if it fixes the iTunes 45054 error.
So with some ways that Taimienphi introduced above, hope to help you fix the iTunes 45054 error. In addition, if you do not have an iTunes account, please quickly register itunes to create an account to download applications. Free use on the Appstore


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