iTunes – Fix “iTunes has stopped working” error

You still often download iTunes to manage audio files on iOS devices, but one day, for whatever reason, whenever you visit this utility, the message iTunes has stopped working is displayed. ” Very simple, let’s follow the article below of!

Recently, many queries to that they can not access iTunes as before and often receive notifications. “iTunes has stopped working”. This situation is not uncommon but if the user has never encountered this situation, it is easy to be confused.

Cause and fix error “iTunes has stopped working”

* Cause 1: The computer is missing a QTMovieWin.dll file.

How to fix

Step 1: Search the Internet and download files “QTMovieWin.dll” about computers. Or users can directly download QTMovieWin.dll here

Step 2: Copy the file QTMovieWin.dll and put in the folder containing the iTunes installation file.

– Windows 7: C: Program Files (x86) Common Files Apple Apple Application Support
– Windows XP: C: Program Files iTunes

* Cause 2: Error conflicts with QuickTime software

How to fix

If the user’s computer has video viewing software installed QuickTime, another Apple application on your computer, please try disabling the acceleration function Direct3D of QuickTime, as this functionality is likely to conflict with iTunes.

Step 1: Open QuickTime, on the toolbar click Edit -> Preferences -> QuickTime Preferences

The other error itunes has stopped working

Step 2: Dialog box QuickTime Preferences Open, select Tab Advanced and uncheck the item Enable Direct3D video acceleration -> OK to save settings.


Exit the QuickTime program, restart the computer, and try accessing iTunes to preview a video or a song.

* Cause 3: Because iTunes uses a language incompatible with the language that the computer operating system is using.


Step 1: Open iTunes -> Preferences (or use keystrokes Ctrl +,)

Step 2: Dialog box Preferences Open, select Tab General -> Language to change the language to suit the operating system table being used.

Click OK, got it to save

Conclude: Above are the 3 main causes of problems “iTunes has stopped working”, Depending on the specific case, users can apply on their computer. And to limit the errors occur, you should use the latest version of iTunes or versions like iTunes, iTunes, iTunes run very stable and do not generate errors.

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